Advantages offered by PTE when planning to study or migrate abroad

PTE Academic
PTE Academic

Advantages offered by PTE when planning to study or migrate abroad

PTE: Many job seekers and students on regular basis try and look around for opportunities in abroad countries. One main benefit is that they get a chance to experience a new culture. Develop independence, meet new people, meet better career opportunities and improve language skills.

Working or studying in a foreign country offers you with an opportunity to develop your skills and career. Along with building a very professional network.

Problems faced when planning to move abroad

One of the main problems most people have to face when thinking to move abroad is the ability to language skills. Proficiency in the English language is must, for both students and career seekers. In general, English test is on the top requirement list for seeking entry into any foreign country. It is basic requirements in accordance with the government as a part of the documentation for visa application.

  • If you wish to study in any foreign university, you may have to complete a test in the language skills.
  • If you seek a career in business administration in a foreign land? Then you may have to prove your skills of communication in English before applying for a visa.
  • Most counties that follow the English language test as main communicating language. Hence, you require proving your proficiency. With the language of reading, writing and understanding skills.

What can PTE offer you with?

Amongst a wide range of testing systems, PTE tests conducted by #DefinitelyPTE are considered as most aspiring in present time. The new testing system is 100 percent computer-based test. The conducting and grading the PTE Tests over the computer.

The test design is in accordance with the test of English language skills of the candidate. The set up of the testing system is to grade the candidate on the basis of his or her responses to a particular question.

The accuracy and the results are good because the entire test undertaken by the Computer.  The grading system is also good because of the accuracy of the test by Computers. Also, candidates may appear from all over the World at their choice centers.

Applicants who want to undergo this test have the convenience of booking for registration online so the seats are always available for any applicant.

You may appear any one of the over 50 different locations around the world. So you can opt any one of the nearest centers from you. Any one the flexibility of selecting ideal test dates.

Another major benefit is that unlike other testing systems. They conduct PTE tests 360 days a year so the selection of the time can be flexible as per your personal requirements.

Their online official practice materials are the best practice you can get with fast results.

PTE Academic
PTE Academic

They are offering following tests:

  1. Online Sample Questions
  2. Scored Practice tests
  3. Silver test preparation kit
  4. Gold test preparation kit
  5. Platinum test preparation kit

The Sample Questions are:

  1. Practice 70 timed sample questions
  2. The quick view of all 20 questions types
  3. Review your answers with model answers
  4. Get General hints and tips for PTE Academic
  5. Get hints and tips for each question type

Scored Practice test

  1. Full, timed PTE Academic practice exam online
  2. Familiarise yourself with the test format
  3. Mock score report – results across all skills
  4. The second scored practice test – have you improved?
  5. The third scored practice test – for additional practice


Candidates may also not have to wait for the test scores for months. They declare the results within five days from the day of the test. This offers with convenience as results can be seen at multiple locations when applying.

Candidates may not even have to bear additional fee for sending the results to multiple locations at a time.

Numerous institutions and firms globally accept the tests of PTE Academic. Some of the top-rated universities including Harvard, Stanford, and Imperial college also accept the results generated by PTE academic.