आयुष्मान भारत योजना रजिस्ट्रेशन 2021 CSC ऑनलाइन फॉर्म

Bharat Yojana 2021

Bharat Yojana 2021 & CSC Form, Eligibility pmjay.gov.in PM Jan Arogya Yojana Ayushman Bharat Registration, Apply Online. This plan is considered to be one of the most beneficial health plans in the world. The scheme intends to cover Indian citizens above 50 crores. India Scheme The scheme has been specially launched for the minority sections of society. This government health insurance scheme covers most of the medical treatment, medicines and other expenses related to medicines and hospitals.

India Scheme Registration 2021

Under this plan, your hospital services will be available to you free of cost. You can avail your hospitalization services in any of the renowned hospitals completely free of cost. In the times of this pandemic, this healthcare scheme is indeed a boon for the people who depend on daily wages for their living. To help the poor and needy people with their medical expenses, the government has come up with a really beneficial scheme for the minority community. ayushman bharat yojana csc form in hindi

The poor and minority sections do not have enough money to treat their various serious diseases. Therefore, this scheme proves to be very beneficial for them. Due to money these poor people usually ignore their diseases and ailments, as they are not able to afford the hospitalization themselves. But now with this health service scheme it has become easier for the minority section to go to the hospitals for their treatment.

Ayushman Bharat Scheme Registration 2021

What are the items covered under this healthcare scheme?

The main objective of this scheme is to provide proper healthcare to the needy and minority section of the society. In this scheme Rs. 5 lakh per family.

This health insurance covers all the additional costs of hospitalization and the following components as well.

  • prior hospitalization
  • medicines
  • clinical and laboratory services
  • Medical tests and treatments
  • the residence
  • food Services
  • complications arising between treatments
  • post hospitalization fee
  • covid 19 treatment
India Scheme Registration 2021
Bharat Yojana 2021

PM Jan Arogya Yojana Registration 2021

Features of Ayushman Bharat Yojana Scheme: The salient features of this healthcare scheme are given below:-

  • It is one of the largest health insurance plans in the world which has been launched by the Government of India.
  • About 50 crore receptors are eligible for this scheme, especially from the minority community.
  • Cashless hospitalization services.
  • The biggest feature is the coverage of Rs 5 lakh per annum.
  • Up to 3 days of pre-hospitalization services.
  • There is no restriction on family size or age.
  • One can avail the services at any of the renowned private hospitals.
Mission ayushman bharat scheme
Registration PMJAY Registration 2021 Online
under which central government of india
apply online Ayushman Bharat Scheme Registration 2021
beneficiaries resident of india
Benefit To provide better health services to all
card ayushman bharat card apply online
official portal pmjay.gov.in

Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana Registration 2021

Benefits of Ayushman Bharat Yojana –

This scheme is for the minority section of the society. The benefits of this scheme to help them are as follows:-

  • It provides the full cost of hospitalization with free transaction to the receptors.
  • Accommodation is available free of charge.
  • Under this scheme, the entire cost of pre and post hospitalization will be covered.
  • This plan can be used by all the members of the family.

Ayushman Bharat Scheme Disease Cover –

  • COVID-19
  • prostate cancer
  • skull base surgery
  • coronary artery bypass graft
  • double valve replacement
  • anterior spinal cord fixation
  • pulmonary valve replacement

ayushman bharat yojana online form 2021

Ayushman Bharat Yojana Scheme Eligibility Criteria for both rural and urban people

PMJAY Eligibility Criteria – The scheme has been launched to help the weaker section of the society so that the underprivileged society can walk to hospitals for their treatment.

In rural areas the scheme covers destitute, primitive tribal groups, families living through begging, bonded labour, manual scavengers.

  • One room family with collapsible walls and ceiling.
  • This scheme is valid for those people who do not have any adult member in their family between the age of 16 to 59 years.
  • SC and ST
  • And for those who are landless families and whose only source of income is labor.

For Urban areas:- There are basic 11 jobs which are eligible for Ayushman Bharat Scheme

  • petitioner
  • Ragpicker
  • domestic domestic help
  • cobbler, hawker, street vendor
  • scavenger
  • Artisans and handicraft workers
  • Driver
  • shopkeeper

PMJAY Apply Online 2021

People who are not eligible for this health insurance scheme:

  • Persons who have two or four wheelers
  • who have kisan card
  • Government employees are not eligible at all.
  • Those who are earning up to 10,000 in a month are not eligible for this scheme.
  • Those who are working in a semi-government firm are not eligible for this scheme.
  • Those who have landlines, refrigerators and phones are not eligible.
  • Those who have their own house cannot take advantage of this scheme.

Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana Registration Online

Enrollment process of this scheme:-

This scheme has been started by the Government of India for the minority section of the society. There is no such process of enrollment. If you want to know whether you are eligible for this scheme or not, then you have to follow some steps.

  • The first step is to visit the official government website pmjay.gov.in and click on the Mi Eligible option.

Ayushman Bharat Portal

  • Then you have to enter your personal details and an OTP will come on your phone.
  • After that you have to select your state.
  • Now you can check either by your name or by your ration card number whether you are eligible for this scheme or not.

Bharat Bharat Scheme Registration 2021

Documents required to apply for this Ayushman Bharat Yojana Scheme:- Below is the list of documents required to apply for this scheme:-

  • Identity and age proof and for that you can attach your Aadhar card or PAN card.
  • Your contact number, email address and residential address.
  • income certificate
  • caste certificate
  • Documents showing the current status of your family.

ayushman bharat yojana card apply online

How to Download Ayushman Bharat Yojana Card Online?

You have to apply online to get your application paperless. In this online process, the recipient will get a golden card which will contain complete details of the beneficiary. You must carry this card with you at the time of treatment. To get this Golden Card, you need to follow the below mentioned procedure:-

  • The first step is to visit the website mera.pmjay.gov.in/search/login and log in with your registered mobile number. pmjay.gov.in login

PM Jan Arogya Card Online Form

  • Then you will get an OTP which you need to enter in the space provided.
  • You have to opt for the HHD code, then you have to provide this code to the representatives and the rest of the process will be completed by them.
  • The cost of this card is Rs. 30 that you have to pay.

How to check your name in recent list?

To check your name in the list, you have different ways and they are:-

  • You can visit your nearest CSC to check whether you are eligible for this Ayushman Bharat Yojana scheme or not.
ayushman bharat card online
ayushman bharat card online
  • PMJAY Helpline Number – Ayushman Bharat Helpline Number: – The helpline numbers to check your eligibility for the scheme are 14555 or 1800-111-565.
  • You can visit the official website of the scheme and there you can check your eligibility.

So, here all the details regarding this Ayushman Bharat Yojana scheme are cleared. We have mentioned how to apply, documents, eligibility criteria and many other related facts along with this scheme. I hope this information will be helpful for you.

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