ताजमहल की यह बातें आपको नहीं पता होंगी

When former US President Bill Clinton came to India. After seeing the Taj Mahal, he said,Today I realized that there are only two types of people in this world, one who has seen the Taj and the other who has not seen the Taj. There will be more than one building in this world, but there is no other like the Taj because a king has laid his heart on its foundation.

Friends, in today’s article we will know about the exciting facts related to the Taj Mahal. Which you’ve probably never heard.

1) Thousands of tourists who come to see the Taj Mahal do not know that Taj Mahal Looking at the second part. Actually the Sahi Darwaza is on the other side of the river. Today most tourists Taj Mahal could not see as Shah Jahan wanted. The river was the main route to reach the Taj Mahal during the Mughal period.

2) It is said that Shah Jahan Taj Mahal The hands of the builder were cut off but this thing seems like a rumour. Because there is no proof for this. Many historians believe that Shah Jahan had given a lifetime salary to the laborers and artisans and got them to write an agreement that now he will not build any other such building.

3) Taj Mahal The Charminare which is there, it is not standing upright but it is slightly inclined towards the outside. These were made in such a way that in case of earthquake etc., it would fall on the outside and the main tomb would be safe.

4) Qutub Minar is the tallest tower in India but perhaps you will be surprised to know that the Taj Mahal is 5 meters higher than the Qutub Minar.

6) Of all the buildings in the world, the best calligraphy is done on the Taj. When we enter through the big door of the Taj. Then these words written on the door welcome us. “O soul. You rest with God and live in peace with God and may his supreme peace be upon you. This calligraphy is in Thulath script. The name of the person who designed this calligraphy was Abdul Haq. Which was called from Iran.

7) The time when Shah Jahan became the emperor was the happiest time of the Mughal Empire. Think of it this way that the era of Shah Jahan was like a spring for the Mughal Empire. There was peace and happiness all around. There were no battles during Shah Jahan’s time. It was a time of great splendor.

8) The world had never seen a grand building like the Taj Mahal. For this white marble was brought from Makrana in Rajasthan. And many prized jewelery was brought from China, Afghanistan, Tibet, Punjab, Sri Lanka, Arabia. More than 1000 elephants were used to bring all these things to Agra from abroad.

9) The Taj Mahal began to be built in 1631, about 400 years ago. And it was completed 22 years later in 1653. It was built by 20,000 artisans and laborers. For the construction of the Taj Mahal, everything was selected after testing it on the side of the diamond. The workmanship on the walls of the Taj Mahal was done by the artisans of Italy.

Marble carving artisans were called from Bukhara in Uzbekistan. Calligraphy craftsmen came from Iran. And the artisans of Balochistan were called to carve the stones.

10) The British had caused a lot of damage to the Taj Mahal during the revolt of 1857. Many precious gems embedded in its stones were taken out.

11) The urn of the main dome of the Taj Mahal was once made of gold. The gold urn was replaced with a kashe ka kalash in the early 19th century.

12) With this claim no one knows who designed the Taj Mahal. But it is said that a team of 37 people together prepared the map of the Taj Mahal. These 37 engineers were called from far away corners of the world.

13) While making the foundation of the Taj Mahal, many wells were lost around the Taj Mahal. In these, ebony and mahogany wood were cast along with a stone. The foundation of whose crown is strong.

14) When the Taj Mahal was completed in 1665, its value was estimated in crores. At present, the cost of making it will cost about Rs 57 billion.

15) In 1989, an Indian author Purushottam Nagesh wrote a book. Whose name was “Taj Mahal: the true storyIn this book, he claimed with many arguments that there was a Shiva temple before the Taj Mahal was built. Whose name was Tejo Mahalaya.

In 2010, Purushottam Nagesh appealed to dig the side of the Taj to prove his point. Which was quashed by the Supreme Court. Archaeological Survey of India There is no evidence that the Taj Mahal was a Shiva temple. Rather, it was built by Shah Jahan, there is evidence of this in history.

16) Taj Mahal The design looks inspired by Humayun’s tomb. Humayun was the great-grandfather of Shah Jahan. His tomb was the inspiration for many Mughal tombs to be built in India.

17) In the Second World War, the government had provided security by making a bamboo circle around the dome of the Taj Mahal. So that the air raiders can be confused. The same was done during the Indo-Pakistani wars of 1965 and 1971.

18) There are also buildings built on the imitation of the Taj Mahal in many countries, such as in China, Bangladesh and Colombia, and a similar building is also present in India. “Bibi Ka Maqbara” This building is in Aurangabad, Maharashtra. Which looks exactly like a copy of the Taj Mahal.

19) Taj Mahal The biggest popularity of the film is due to the wonderful love story associated with its production. Emperor Shah Jahan built this Taj in the memory of his wife Mumtaz Mahal. Whose real name was Arjunand Banu Begum. Later Shah Jahan named them Mumtaz Mahal. Which means the most precious gem of the palace.

20) At the age of 34, Mumtaz died giving birth to her 14th child. The emperor was deeply saddened by the death of the Begum. Like his life was ruined. Then finally, in his memory, Shah Jahan ordered the Taj to be built.

21) When Shah Jahan started building the Taj Mahal. Then Mumtaz’s body was taken out from Burhanpur and buried in a garden near the Taj Mahal. After 22 years, when the Taj Mahal was completed. Then again Mumtaz’s body was taken out and buried inside the Taj Mahal.

22) All the attention of Shah Jahan was devoted to giving a beautiful look to the Taj Mahal. Meanwhile, Shah Jahan’s son Aurangzeb invaded Agra and took Shah Jahan prisoner. Shah Jahan was asked what he wanted, then he said – I should be kept prisoner in such a place from where I can see the Taj directly.

His wish was fulfilled. Even while in captivity, Shah Jahan kept looking at the Taj and that is where he breathed his last. After his death, he was buried in the Taj Mahal along with Mumtaz. If even a defeated emperor is not allowed to break into anything. So that was his undying love for Mumtaz.

Friends, you must have got to know something new by reading this article. I hope you have learned something new from the information given by us.

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