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Bihar Land Records, Bhulekhi:- A new website has been started by the Bihar government in Bihar land map information online itself. After the Bihar state can get the location information from the map. Bihar Land Records For online information we will get complete information. All the states are still in the works. Based on this estimate you can do knowledge online. Get benefits for this online portal. Improve the departments, do this work with the support of the Bihar government

Bihar Land Records Portal

Get your information if you want. It’s right for you. That you are full of information through online medium, any kind of trouble. This authority is published by the Govt. The activity of constructing sentence information by going to some option. You can also go to land writing on your own land. This type of force includes brands such as Zab Ka Zabz, etc. such as Barriers, Criteria and Land. *

If you want to make land at any time. So all the things related to the land are necessary for him. In this way you are spreading publicity to all. Dangerous document information from land is also uploaded. Now you are all set, can take complete details from your computer or mobile. Totally related to technology. Techniques are dangerous for germs, such as the techniques of working, people get to know about many schemes related to many schemes, or all the things related to the country and abroad with the help of technology.

LRC Bihar Bhulekh

In such a situation, there is no hassle for land records. and do not complete. Follow the instructions of the government. ️ Objects that come in the disaster will be tested. From online information like this. This is included for you. Improve better system system for the department. Bihar Land Records. Bihar e-mutation status 2021.

Bihar Lagaan Online

land writer

Bhu-lekh land-writing Bihar Apna Khata land map internet server server account land map online database server account under the supervision of server admin Khasra number Apna account Khasra copy of Khatauni Bihar land map online database portal portal portal. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . So check. . . . . . . . . . adapted to the state.

Connected ️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️ or also bans whitewashing. Individual has the right to access all information online for any kind of hassle. We ask like this for details related to this process. ️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️ Bihar e-mutation online status.

door Bihar land map information
imagined Bihar government
under which Revenue Reforms Department, Bihar
Benefit Get all the information related to land online
beneficiary resident of Bihar state
document link http://lrc.bih.nic.in/ror.aspx

bihar land map online

Land Map Information:

  • With the help of bihar online article.
  • Any resident, at any time, can check his Bhoomi Khasra Number or Bhoomi Number online.
  • For the first time, the Patwari had to pay for the information related to the land.
  • Not decided yet. Has complete information.
  • Farmer brothers, now you can get Sora Khatauni or Khan Khan for all the information of the article.
  • Will be applicable to the state of Mathematics in the state of Bihar
  • Towards making Prime Minister Digital India. Bihar government has taken this step.
Bihar saw your account
Bihar saw your account

Benefits of Bihar Land Record Online:

  • Saving ahead of time by having all the information online.
  • जुड़ी जुड़ी
  • Anytime, complete information can be obtained from online.
  • You can enable this feature on a phone or computer.
  • Get the land of your home through online medium. You can print your installations.

Bihar Bhulekh Jamabandi Khasra

Completely visible mains of all land information from Khasra number or Jam Banda ka number. It is useful for getting the map of the land. Managed status has increased. Account

Bihar state statistics are as follows:

  • Total No. of Mutation Cases 4873971
  • Total 2365142 cases disposed of
  • Counting pending cases 1084922 and total
  • Rejected Cases 1423907

How to get Bihar land map online information?

  • Put Accommodation First, and Improve the Quality of Your Office First click on the official website.
Bihar Bhu Lekh Online
Bihar Bhu Lekh Online
  • Click.
  • This website forms the web page of the website. Bihar state map is ready.
  • Select your application. Then it will appear in front of you.
  • Area information.
  • You select the zone.
  • Also on the zone page, the total Moza number and Khasra number will also appear which is written.
  • you can see. in a new form. These are some alternative from Apna Khota.
  • For example: View the number of stockings from the list details / account by / khasra number / or get information from the name of the account holder.

Now choose your option. Get detailed information from Account Number or Khasra Number.

Arrange Chemically: Select or click . Which dangerous account information you want to keep. Now you have your information. If you can print photos.

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