10 tells in Poker to look out for

10 tells in Poker to look out for

Poker is a game of skill. One such key skill required to ace this game is to catch when your opponent is bluffing. Catching a successful bluff is as important as playing one. The mark of a professional player is that they remain calm & it becomes difficult to read them. 

The following are a few tells in poker to look out for while sitting on a table. 

10 tells in Poker to look out for
10 tells in Poker to look out for
  1. Bet Size

The basic tell in poker is bet size. The bigger your opponent’s bet size, the stronger cards they hold. It is very basic but a very efficient way to figure out your opponent’s hand strength if you’re a rookie.

A player who has a pattern of betting small amounts with mean hands when suddenly bets a big amount, it is a sign that they have a really strong hand and the most viable option, in that case, would be to fold.

  1. Weak Behaviour

This is one of the most common tells in poker. A player holding strong cards generally tries to act weak. This is done in order to make your opponent raise their bet in a game where you have a strong hand. It is very instinctive to shrug, sigh & show subtle signs of unhappiness when you want to raise the pot limit.

  1. Sitting Upright

You’re sitting back & analyzing the game when you suddenly get a great hand and want to seize the opportunity. The first thing that changes in such a situation is your posture. It’s similar to you playing a game of FIFA with your wherein you need to score one goal in the next 5 minutes to win. You’ll instinctively sit upright.

So whenever there is a change of posture with a player, more often than not, they’re holding a strong hand.

  1. Splashing Chips

Using evident motions to compel your opponent into thinking you are confident actually works the other way round. This is a sign of weakness & exhibits your lack of confidence. 

Splashing chips while in-game coherently means that you have a weak hand, & such behavior can be easily read by someone who knows how to play the poker game well.

  1. Change in talking pattern

When someone who generally is a chatterbox during the game goes silent, it is probably because they have a weak hand. A change in talking pattern is usually suggestive of it. 

This is also the case with someone who is a silent player & goes all talkative during a hand or gets a little aggressive or impatient. 

  1. Sound of the Voice

Professional poker players sometimes wear hoodies or capes & eyewear to protect their facial expressions avoiding a giveaway. But that does not always turn out to be foolproof. The sound of their voice gives away their hand strength at times.

A player holding strong cards has an easier time conversing & answering questions & vice-versa.

  1. The fumbler

A player who sees his in-hand cards & immediately checks fumbles his stack has a good hand. He has a look on his stack because he plans to come up with all guns blazing for this pot.

 This is also true for the case when similar behavior is observed after the flop opens.

  1. Freezing

Someone who freezes after placing a bet is most probably bluffing. It requires skills to have smooth conversations when you’re bluffing. You don’t want to give away your bluff by sounding uncertain or even by breathing heavily. 

It is hence very important to keep a cool head when playing poker so you do not face any such difficulty & can excel in bluffing.

  1. Protecting the Hole-card

Amateur players or newbies as we call them to make a pretty basic mistake of protecting their hole-card by putting a chip on top of their cards. This is a sign that they have a good hand. 

If you know how to play poker & are well versed with it, these are the types of mistakes you capitalize on to maximize your earnings.

  1. Lack of Patience

When a player suddenly starts asking questions & gets impatient, it indicates that they’re holding a strong set of cards. They try to take a nice pot by asking about the turns & distracting the other players so they do not have the time or headspace to make a sensible decision & fall into their trap.

The tells in poker are generally all physical attributes & change in behavioral patterns. A professional player would completely dominate if you are new to the game & struggle even with the basic rules. It is best to learn the game online by playing on websites which provide poker free signup bonus so you can get used to the playing pattern before playing real cash games. So keep evolving your game & keep playing.

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