11 Best Snake Collarbone Tattoo Design

Are you considering getting a unique, eye-catching tattoo to add some extra flair to your style? If so, then look no further than the incredible snake collarbone tattoo design! This popular piece of body art is one that is gaining more and more attention amongst lovers of both traditional and modern tattoos. Not only does it symbolize protection, power and beauty – but it also looks amazing too! In this blog post we’ll explore why the snake collarbone tattoo design has become so widely loved by many people around the world. We’ll take a look at how you can best position it on your body for maximum impact as well as provide inspiration from some stunning designs that already exist. Let’s get started!

Snake Collarbone Tattoo Design

Snake Collarbone Tattoo
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If you want to get a tattoo that you can show off to the world, then the collarbone is a very good body placement.

Your clavicle and collarbone area are often overlooked as a tattoo option. However, there are several reasons why you should pick the collarbone area for your next body art.

Collarbone tattoos have various options ranging from small minimalistic tattoos to larger ones. They can be placed either below the bone, above the bone, or from the collarbone to the shoulder, then the arm. These tattoos are very flexible because you can show them off when you want to, and you can also hide them appropriately. It is often considered that women make these tattoos more often than men. However, it is far from the truth. There are a lot of guys these days as well who are getting collarbone tattoos, and they are also setting a statement.

There are a lot of collarbone tattoo options that you can choose from. However, one of the most popular ones is a snake tattoo. Snake tattoos can have a lot of different meanings for the wearer; however, it is considered a timeless symbol of power, temptation, fertility, and rebirth. Apart from being meaningful, this tattoo looks beautiful and is up to the mark with all the recent trends.

We have a list ready for you if you want some trendy collarbone snake tattoo designs. Read through the tattoos below and select your favourite design for your next body art.

Collarbone Snake Tattoo

Collarbone Snake Tattoo
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A flower and snake tattoo is a very common combination of designs. In certain cultures, they are considered the symbol of temptation. While a snake is associated with destruction, flowers are a standard innocence mark. People believe that just like the serpent who took away the innocence of mankind in the garden of Eden, the snake and Flower tattoo will represent the loss of purity and the beginning of temptation in the person.

The tattoo artist has done a great job detailing the design. They have made the snake look like it is coiled up around your polymer. The flowers are carefully situated beside the snake. The tattoo artist made the entire tattoo with a fine line style and dot-work style. They used only black and grey ink for the design. However, you can add colors to make it more appealing.

Dragon And Snake Tattoo

Dragon And Snake Tattoo
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If you consider making a snake tattoo, you may also think about adding a dragon symbol. When you add a snake and Dragon Tattoo, they symbolize balance. A snake and dragon represent two very different things. While a dragon is a symbol of passion and anything wild, a snake is a proper representation of nature’s cunning and calm part.

The picture shows two tattoos, one on each collarbone. The tattoo artist has done great detailing in the design. They have created several intricate strokes with black ink making the design look almost realistic. The Dragon and snake are coiled around the clavicle and look elegant yet wild.

Twin Snake Tattoo

Twin Snake Tattoo
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You must have heard about the double-headed serpent, a common tattoo symbol. This one is a little different from it. Instead of double-headed, there are 2 snakes on each collarbone. They’ve been many cultures that worship snakes. However, the Aztecs worshipped a snake that would symbolize wisdom, power, and energy. It is believed that if you have a twin snake tattoo on your body, you will be rewarded with the trinity, as mentioned earlier.

This tattoo is a very clean and crisp design. Like other collarbones, tattoos over here also the snake sarcoid around the clavicle. The tattoo artist has done marvelous detailing on this design. In certain areas, they have added some black and grey shading, which gives the snake a more 3D effect. Both the snakes are unbelievably identical. If you are looking for a wild tattoo, then this is something that you can consider.

Snake Tattoo On Collarbone

Snake Tattoo On Collarbone
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This is another very rugged design. Like the other snake collarbone design, here also, the snake is coiled around the clavicle, but it has a twist, the tattoo artist has made a tree bark in the area, making the snake look like it is wrapped around a tree. The details of this design are outstanding. The snake’s dark colors, like black and grey, make this tattoo look more elegant. The tattoo placement is such that you can hide the design underneath your clothes whenever you want, and you can flaunt it as well. Both men and women wear this design, and it looks equally good.

Coiled Snake Tattoo

Coiled Snake Tattoo
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This is a much simpler version of the snake tattoos. The snake is quite smaller, although it is made in black ink and looks wild. The tattoo artist has created a lot of intricate strokes within the snake, which makes it look very realistic. Certain areas around the falls of the snake are shaded in a darker color, which provides a 3D effect to the design. The cows and strokes are made with fine lines style. Although it is a smaller version, it can be gotten by both men and women. The tattoo’s meaning remains the same: fertility and power.

Flash Snake Tattoo

Flash Snake Tattoo
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This design is different than the traditional snake design. The tattoo artist has done a great job differentiating between the snake’s top and bottom parts. The top part of the snake has been done with dot-work art with polka dot-like design all over, and the bottom part has been made with fine-line work with a crisscross design. The head of the snake has some geometrical shapes on it. The tattoo is a minimalistic design because the artist only used black ink for the entire tattoo. No extra shading or elements are added to the design to retain its minimalistic vibe.

Realistic Snake Tattoo

Realistic Snake Tattoo
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It is very difficult to find a very realistic-looking snake tattoo. Not many tattoo artists can create a snake inspired by the actual snake. Although the snake appears cold around the collar bone, the tattoo artist has used several shades of different colors to give natural vibes. The most common color found on snakes is dark green and ochre. In reality, the scales of the snakes have a little shine to them, and the tattoo artist has created the exact effect on the tattoo with shades of white.

They have done immense detailing on the design because you can separate one scale from another. The eye looks extremely realistic, and so does the fang. If you look at this design for more than 2 seconds, you will feel like the snake is about to hit you. Find yourself a tattoo artist who can recreate this design and deliver exactly what’s given in this picture.

Black And Grey Snake Tattoo

Black And Grey Snake Tattoo
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This design is of a unique snake. While the body of the snake is not very clear, the head of the snake has been made with a lot of detail. The artist has tried to create the effect of the snake moving towards its victim. This is one of the larger pieces as it starts from the center of the neck and goes towards the shoulder.

The artist used thick black ink for the body part, and they used light strokes of black and grey for the head. In certain areas, they have used white to highlight. If you are looking for a unique snake design, you can definitely consider this.

Skeleton Snake Tattoo

Skeleton Snake Tattoo
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The snake skeleton is not a very common design. It represents the different phases of life and the changing nature of the universe. The tattoo artist has created twin snakes on either side of the collarbone. On one side is the snake skeleton, while on the other is a snake that is not dead. The detailing on each design is very accurate. The main part of the design is that the fangs are more prominent than usual. Between the 2 snakes is a Crescent moon design, which is a symbol of guidance and purity. The tattoo artist has used black and grey for the entire design. This tattoo would be a great idea if you are looking for a simple yet unique tattoo design.

Simple Snake Tattoo

Simple Snake Tattoo
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After showing you some of the most amazing snake tattoo designs, this is the last design on our list. It is a simple and smaller version of the actual snake tattoo. The detailing of this design is very accurate. It looks like the snake is coiled around the collar bone. There is certain shading below the snake, which gives it a 3D effect and looks realistic. The tattoo artist has used black and grey shades for this tattoo, which is common. However, if you want, you can add different colors to the design to give it a unique look.

While making a collarbone tattoo, you might experience some discomfort in that area. Because the skin is very thin, these elaborate snake tattoos might hurt a bit. These tattoos are beautiful designs for your collarbone if you can endure the pain. A snake tattoo is not everyone’s cup of tea. You can request your tattoo artist to give you a temporary snake tattoo, and if you like it, you can convert it into a permanent one later. We hope that you like the ID as mentioned above. If you would like to explore more color bone tattoos, you can check out the list below –

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What is a snake collarbone tattoo?

A snake collarbone tattoo is a popular body art design that features a snake winding around the wearer’s collarbone. The design typically includes scales, eyes, and sometimes fangs. Snake tattoos have been around for centuries and are often associated with power and strength due to their ability to slither into any nook or cranny.

What does a snake collarbone tattoo symbolize?

A snake collarbone tattoo can symbolize a variety of different meanings depending on the wearer’s intent. Generally, it is seen as a symbol of protection and strength. People who choose this type of tattoo often feel empowered with its presence on their body. It can also represent wisdom, fertility, rejuvenation, or even transformation. Additionally, the snake can act as a reminder to stay alert and be aware of your surroundings.

How much does a snake collarbone tattoo cost?

The cost of a snake collarbone tattoo will depend on the size, complexity, and placement of the design. Generally speaking, smaller tattoos can cost anywhere from $50 to $300 while larger or more detailed pieces may cost up to $1000 or more. It is important to research different artists in your area before going through with the procedure as prices can vary widely. It is also important to factor in the cost of aftercare products and any touch-ups that may be necessary.

How big is a snake collarbone tattoo?

The size of a snake collarbone tattoo can vary depending on the individual’s preference. Generally, the design should span no more than 5 to 6 inches long, with 2-3 inches for the width. However, this will depend on the complexity and detail of the design as well as where it is placed – some people may opt to have a bigger design than others. It is important to discuss size and placement with your tattoo artist before getting inked to ensure that you are happy with the results.

How long does it take to get a snake collarbone tattoo?

The time it takes to complete a snake collarbone tattoo will depend on the size and complexity of the design. A simple outline may take as little as an hour or two while a more detailed piece could take up to several hours depending on how long you can sit for. It is important to discuss this with your artist before getting inked so that you can plan accordingly.

How painful is a snake collarbone tattoo?

The pain associated with a snake collarbone tattoo will depend on the individual’s pain tolerance. Generally, this area is considered one of the least painful areas for getting a tattoo due to its location and lack of bone or muscle. While some people may experience mild discomfort during the procedure, most find it quite bearable. However, this is subjective so it is important to talk with your artist beforehand to address any potential pain or discomfort.

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