22 Funny Facts About Mercury Planet – 22 Amazing Facts About Mercury Planet

  1. Mercury is closest to the Sun compared to all the other planets.
  2. The planet Mercury is the fastest planet to orbit the Sun at an incredible speed of 50 km per second (180,000 km/h). It completes one revolution around the Sun in 88 days.
  3. The planet Mercury appears brown when viewed from space.
  4. Mercury’s magnetic field is 1% of Earth’s magnetic field
  5. Earth can be seen from Mercury at least 13 times every 100 years
  6. enough solar system Mercury and Venus are the only planets that have no moon
  7. The planet Mercury is named after a Roman god
  8. wed our solar system is the smallest planet of It is a little bigger than the Earth’s moon in size
  9. After Earth, Mercury is such a planet that is very dense, it is made up of main rocks and metals.
  10. Mercury is not as hot as you might think because of its proximity to the Sun. In fact, it is the second hottest planet in the Solar System. Despite being closest to the Sun, its front side can be as hot as 427 °C, but its opposite side is minus 173 °C. The difference in temperature is mainly due to the lack of atmosphere.
  11. The Sun appears three times larger when viewed from Mercury than when viewed from Earth
  12. The surface of the planet Mercury is similar to that of our moon
  13. The planet Mercury is also called the morning or evening star because it is visible in the sky just before sunrise and just after sunset.
  14. The Mercury planet is one of the five planets in the Solar System that are visible to the naked eye. The other four planets are – Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.
  15. There is no weather on the planet Mercury, it has a very thin atmosphere, the main reason for this is its weak gravity.
  16. Our ancestors knew the planet Mercury from 5000 years ago
  17. The core of 75 diameter of this planet is made up of metal.
  18. Mariner 10 was the first spacecraft to reach Mercury
  19. The planet Mercury completes one complete revolution around our Sun in 88 days.
  20. The planet Mercury travels around the Sun at a speed of 180,000 kilometers per hour or 112,000 miles per hour. This speed makes Mercury the fastest planet in the entire solar system.
  21. The orbit of Mercury is elliptical in shape. While traversing this path, the distance between Mercury and the Sun from the closest point is 47 million kilometers. This closest point is known as perihelion.
  22. We said that Mercury has no atmosphere. It is not completely true. Mercury has an atmosphere that is extremely thin. This very thin atmosphere contains 0.5% potassium, 6% helium, 22% hydrogen, 29% sodium, 42% oxygen, and trace amounts of neon, krypton, xenon, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, water and argon.

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