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4 Best Ways to Time Travel – 4 Ways For Time Travel In Hindi

Time travel Conspiracy theories and stories related to this have always been pulling us.

Because everyone wants it. Go in the past and rectify the mistakes made by you. Or go to the future and see the future.

It’s as easy as it sounds. Not that much. But why so?
Because whenever our mind Time grassProcesses thought about l.

Many paradoxes related to this get created. Which makes time travel more difficult.

now we will go further. Time travel About some of the paradoxes, and then after that we’ll take a look at those theories as well. which us time travel allows.

What is Paradox? (What is paradox in hindi )

Paradox means. Questions that cannot be answered definitively.
which are based on truth.
But their answer is unusual.

Which cannot be accepted. This question boggles the mind.
So basically friends, now you must have understood. What is Paradox?

Now onwards we will time travel (Time travel in hindi ) Will discuss the associated paradox.

The Grandfather paradox क्या है? (What is Grandfather paradox in hindi )

Basically this paradox prevents us from traveling in time to the past.
To understand this, we have to go through a thought process.

Imagine we have a Time machine Is. Now we have sat on it. As soon as we press the button.

The machine works. And we reach the era of our grandfathers. Now if you can somehow stop your grandfather from meeting your grandmother. So what can happen?

The answer is. Your existence will become impossible in the future. Wait a bit and think if it is impossible to be in your future.

Then how could you stop your grandfather and grandmother from meeting you by going to the past. It will become a paradoxical site. And will continue to spin like a loop.

To solve this paradox, the physicist gave birth to a new theory. whose name is. ,The Parallel Universe “Theory.

Now we will go ahead. Parallel Universe theory What. And how it allows us to travel time in the past.

4 Best Ways to Time Travel – 4 Ways For Time Travel In Hindi

Friends ! In this part of the article, you guys will know about time travel (time travel in hindiI will tell about the 4 best ways to do it, and I will talk about the scientific invention related to them.

1) What is Parallel Universe

do you know Einstein the theory of
General Relativity Where does it not work?

The answer is. “Big bang before and inside the “blackhole”,
Blackhole inside Einstein The theory collapses.

And we enter a world where our laws of physics stop working.

Einstein believed. That portal can open to go to another dimension inside the blackhole.

famous scientist few years ago Stephen Hawking had also agreed to this.

Parallel universe theory According to, “The universe we live in. There is an infinite copy of it. In any other dimension, which we cannot see with our eyes. ,

This theory also says this. that every possible event is possible, Multiverse or parallel universe In,

This means it happened. Whatever we think. All these things are happening somewhere or the other.
In this multiverse,

You will remember that in the above paragraph we went through a thought process.

in which we Time grassl did.
and had reached. In the time of his grandfather. And over there a paradox was created.

Basically, Grandfather paradox To parallel universe theory can be explained from.

Now when we stop visiting our grandparents. Then an alternate timeline will be created from it. Which will be completely different from our actual timeline.

Now we will have two timelines. A timeline in which we went past by traveling time. And had stopped the grandparents from meeting.

And the second timeline is the one in which our grandparents met. Basically, Parallel universe gives us the opportunity. To travel back in time.

2) Time travel through Wormhole – Time travel through Wormhole in hindi

Wormhole He is the clue of space. Which not only opens at two ends of time.
Rather, it connects two places of space.

Einstein given by. Spacetime Hundreds of such solutions of the equation have been discovered. Who imagines the wormhole.

Scientists believe. That if we enter these halls. Then you can come forward or backward in time.

Friends wormhole, is present everywhere in the universe. Even around us. The biggest problem is this. that we cannot see them. but why?

Because it is very small in size. And this coined work to connect the future and the past.

How to make wormhole. -Wormhole creation Time travel in hindi

It is very difficult to understand the wormhole from the equation of mathematics.
“If you understand in easy language wormhole, space time are formed from the curvatures of

That is, when time is being created at the quantum level. During that time the wormhole is born.

Let us understand it in another way. You must know that our world is 3-Dimensional. Meaning three dimensions are made up of length, width and height.

In these dimensions we experience our whole world. Everything is so real. That we cannot even imagine.

Apart from these three dimensions, the fourth dimension also exists. Which we can experience only in the equation of Mathematics.

For the last two decades, scientists have been studying this fourth dimension.

You can roughly assume this. This fourth dimension is time.

Now you must be thinking. Why am I talking to you about the fourth dimension?

But friends, this Fourth Dimension is for us Wormhole Can explain the concept of.

In this 3-Dimension world, every object appears in its shape. But when we see them by zooming.

Then small pits appear in it. Now this rule also applies to the fourth dimension.

Time is also full of many subtle fabricated. Meaning you can say this. In that time too many subtle things are fabricated.

We call these microscopic pits of time wormhole Known by name.

if we time travel To do. Then we have to enter these subtle strongholds. Which is a big problem.

Because it keeps opening and closing for a very short time.

3) Speed ​​of light -Speed ​​of light for time travel in hindi

There are some important things related to Einstein’s theory of relativity. Like any object when its speed speed of light equals to.

Then time starts slowing down for him. Why does this happen now? It is very difficult to understand it.

Because Einstein proved it in the form of an equation of physics and mathematics.

According to Einstein, the speed of time cannot be the same in every situation. Space And time are connected to each other.

Universe The speed of time keeps on increasing more or less due to the astronomical objects spread in it.

Time is moving at different speeds in different places in the universe.

That is, spent on earth. One second cannot be equal to one second spent on Mars.

Now if we have to travel time. so us speed of light have to achieve. Today’s technology is not capable of this.

Maybe maybe. May it be possible in future.

4) Time travel through Blackhole

If you have seen the movie Interstellar. In that movie, the astronaut lands on an unknown planet.
whose gravity, is 30% higher. against the earth,

Together this planet is orbiting. A supermassive at 55% the speed of light blackhole To,

After spending only 3 hours, when the crew of the astronaut comes back to the spacecraft. By then 24 years would have passed.

This was no science fiction fiction. Rather the calculation of real was implemented. inside the movie

Here the time was slow because of this. Because the mass of the blackhole had become a curvature in space and time.
Which was slowing down the time.

One thing is certain. if we blackhole Time travel is from. So
just us blackhole Have some time to pass.

This is a very difficult job. Because blackhole Of gravity will destroy us.

For the time being, all the fantasies of time travel are just imagination.
May be it will be possible in the coming time.

So friends this article4 Best Ways to Time Travel” – read 4 Ways For Time TravelThank you very much for this. I hope That you must have got to know a lot new from this article.

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