$76,000 Birkinstocks Made From Actual Birkin Bags?

As for why they settled on a birkin for their first entry in high fashion, aside from 28-year-old Lucas Bentell, one of MSCHF’s creative directors, on one side, explained: “Birkin bags are like a cultural meme, A symbol for a certain type. By turning money into “a truly accessible commodity”, they wanted to force people to question that symbolism, possibly. Also, Wordplay is actually funny in a way.

MSCHF was founded in 2016, and is typically located in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn, although staff are now scattered around coughing. It drapes on the second and fourth Mondays of every month, ranging from abstract ideas like criticizing companies for paying people to make it evil (Amazon, Facebook, Tesla) to concrete products like Birkstocks. And it has developed into an insane figure on social media as well as a handful of celebrities like Drake. Joe, as it happens, is so obsessed with Birkins that he has many shelves Is dedicated to the bag, Which he collects for his future wife.

Berkin, named for actress Jane Birkin, was created by Hermius in 1984 and is famously valued; One of Most expensive bag ever sold At auction was Birkin 30, a white diamond Himalaya nilotic crocodile with 18-carat white gold and diamond hardware, which went for more than $ 370,000 in 2017 in Christie, Hong Kong. They are made by hand, it takes an artisan a minimum of 18 hours to make, and the demand usually exceeds supply, which means that there is a waiting list at the Hermès boutique for the bags.

MSCHF, however, was not bothered by a list. Instead, the group bought four bags Resale sites For about $ 122,500, as well as some inexpensive copies, it was used as an exercise to figure out how to disassemble the bags so that they could be remaked as sandals . At least two leather workshops in Brooklyn shut down the team when contacted about the project, as they were too frightened at the idea of ​​cutting a Birkin.

“We know some people are going to react, ‘What’s wrong with you guys?” Mr. Greenberg said. “But we’re fine being hated. We don’t just want apathy.”

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