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9 Scientific Ways To Sharpen Your Brain Power 9 Scientific Ways To Sharpen Your Brain Power

Friends, you must have heard that those people are quick success in life. brain power in hindi It is here that being sharp means more intelligent have to be This intelligent Consists of two things, first to learn any work fast and then to apply it in life. These are the two things that make a successful man different from a normal man. In today’s article, we will know about some such methods. with whom we intelligence can increase.

1) Change hands pattern – Change hands pattern for brain power in hindi

This is a very effective psychology method in which you have to do the work done with the left hand with the right hand. And the work done with the right hand has to be done with the left hand.

You can start by writing this. When do we start doing this? Then we feel something different it is because new in our mind neurones Are active, due to which our ability to remember starts increasing.

2) Taking good sleep- Deep sleep for brain power

All of you must have taken only 2-3 hours of sleep at some point or the other. And must have noticed that the next day we feel very tired. Can’t concentrate on any work.

This is a good sleep trick for our brain intelligence Easiest way to boost. All that neurological improvement occurs in sleep.

which our memory power increase. When we get minimum 6-8 hours of sleep at night. Then our brain gets plenty of time to relax. By which we feel fresh, focused and good the next morning. It boosts our intelligence well. whereby our concentration power also increases.

3) Learning new language-Learning new language for brain power in hindi

Psychologist Believes that. to learn a new language brain power boosts. When we start learning a new language, at that time new neurone connections are formed in our brain. because of our memory power Boost starts. And our brain starts thinking very fast and logical. whose direct impact decision making process looks in. Meaning we are able to take decisions quickly.

4) Listening good songs for brain power in hindi

in 2007 Stanford University A research was done in to know that music What effect does it have on our brain? In this research, brain scan was done while listening to music of many people. And the result came astonishing.

It was found in this research when those people were listening to their favorite song, now their concentration power I saw very rapid growth. On finding the reason behind this, it was found that music interacts with those parts of our brain. Which control our memory and attention. So you can listen to music in free time, it is beneficial for our brain.

5) Brain puzzle solving

Nowadays everyone has a game in their mobile but we are here brain games We are talking about such games, while playing which our mind takes decisions very fast like- crossword puzzle, Rubik’s Cube and Sudoku.

These games have a direct effect on our short term memory retention. Which is right for our mind when we go to the market to buy something. Then we forget some of the things on the list. There is a reason for this. Our short term memory retention(STMR) is to be weak. Researchers claim that playing brain games is beneficial for our STMR.

6) Meditation – meditation for brain power

If you want all the tension, stress to be removed from your life and your power to learn and manage emotion increases manifold. Then you should meditate.

Meditation Increases the learning capacity of our brain. Due to which our brain becomes capable and much faster than before. Today thousands of researchers are doing research on meditation. It has been found in these researches that meditation Helps us to go to flow state.

Flow state There is a state in which we devote 100% of our mind to one task and our complete connection with the outside world is cut off. And the results of such actions are not less than magic.

7) To silence

You can go a few hours a day without speaking. Its direct effect intelligence falls on. In some recent research, it has been found that people who speak less or speak only when needed. their logical thinking Many times more than the common people.

Such people find the solution of any problem very quickly. And learn new things quickly. This happens because only work-related things go on in their mind. which their focus And intelligence multiplies it. You can start speaking less with 5 to 10 minutes. And keep increasing it day by day.

8) To imagine- Power of imagination

Have you ever wondered how we were able to make so much progress? Today we have invented such things. Which in olden times was no less than magic. of course in our intelligence Have a hand in. But this intelligence is created by our imagination.

great scientists of 20th century Albert Einstein Had to say , imagination is more important than knowledge

Knowledge can take us from one place A to another place B whereas imagination can take us anywhere. You can start the imagination by thinking something creative in your mind. Imagine new things in your mind and work on it. Gradually you will get used to it. The people who have changed history till date. their imagination power It was many times more than the common people.

9) Book reading

Have you ever thought that one habit was common among successful people all over the world, that habit was reading books. When he had nothing, when he had not achieved anything in his life. It was a habit with him even at that moment.

What is this habit that can change our entire mind set. You Elon Musk Must have heard the name. Whom his mother considered deaf in childhood because he used to be lost. Today the whole world knows Elon Musk About this,

He only made it to the rocket engine by reading books. and the best company in space science space-x launched the Books change the way we think. We can think better in advance.

This article9 Scientific Ways To Sharpen Your Brain Power 9 Scientific Ways To Sharpen Your Brain Power“Thank you very much for reading. That you must have got to know a lot new from this article.

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