A Different Early-Bird Special: Have Vaccine, Will Travel

“There is a lot of desire among seniors and a sense of living outside,” said Jeff Galak, a professor at Carper Melon University’s Taper School of Business. “Mortality is a principle called humility: when your own mortality is brought into consideration, behavior changes. We are going to see upgrades to better cabins and booking better hotels on cruise ships. “

For travelers in their 60s, 70s and 80s, said Connor Goodwin, corporate manager at Charlestone Hotels, the clock is another strong motivation for tick-ticking bookings as soon as one reserves inoculation.

“The 65-plus demographic is losing its golden years and they are quite eager to get back there,” he said.

Bristol Hotel In Virginia, which is part of Charleston’s portfolio, it saw a 179 percent increase in revenue from travelers at age 65 between December 13 and January 22. French Quarter Inn, SC, in Charleston, which is also managed by Charlestown, saw 11 percent of bookings for people over 65. On December 22 between 10 and 28 compared to January 9.

Some older travelers are also finally opting to book those big ticket dream trips. Fernando Diaz, Owner Quasar expedition, A luxury cruise operator in the Galápagos Islands, says that in December, when frontline health care workers were among the first Americans to receive the vaccine, they saw a wave of requests from doctors and nurses for travel information.

Since January 1, however, 70 percent of their booking inquiries have been from guests over the age of 65 – in previous years, the number was close to 40 percent. Most inquiries are for travel from June.

“Most of them say they have been vaccinated, and they are now traveling to destinations like Ecuador and the Galápagos,” Mr. Deese said. “Vaccination gives them confidence to travel to a remote place.”

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