A Leading Critic of Big Tech Is Expected to Join the White House

His role will be a new one in the National Economic Council with a focus on competition policy. Mr. Wu will also focus on competition in labor policy, such as the illegal clauses enforced by companies and concentration in power in the agricultural and pharmaceutical industries. The job does not require Senate approval.

Mr. Biden has not yet nominated the nominees to officially head the Retaliatory Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission – the principal agencies overseeing competition in commerce. Progressive people have vocally struggled for appointments of left-leaning advocates such as Mr. Wu over individuals with historians working for tech companies and law firms.

Democrat Tim Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts said in a statement, “Tim has been a longtime nonconformist advocate, and has pushed to break and rein in public officials at Big Tech.” “I’m glad to see him in this role.”

Mr. Wu has left academia several times to work in government. He was a special adviser to the Federal Trade Commission in 2011 and 2012 and then joined the National Economic Council during the Obama administration to work on competition policy, known to tech companies such as Facebook, Google and Amazon for treating their child used to go. Mr. Wu has since expressed some regret.

“I have worked in the Obama administration, and I have acted in disbelief, so I will take some personal blame here, but the merger that we should have has not provided,” Mr. Wu Said in an interview in Aspen Ideas Festival in 2019. He said that “maybe sometimes we had a very spectacular view in the field of technology”.

Inevitably by the rules, those companies expanded greatly through mergers and acquisitions during President Barack Obama’s two terms. Mr. Wu has talked about the pivot of many Democrats since those days, with the realization that tech giants promise to protect user data, treat small competitors appropriately, and eliminate misinformation from their platforms. But I have not been able to live up to it.

Mr. Wu is best known for advocating against telecommunications companies and the term stands for the regulatory philosophy of “net neutrality”, which should allow consumers equal access to all content on the Internet. More recently, he has focused on gatekeepers like Facebook, Google and Amazon, which dominate online speech, search and retail.

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