A Pandemic-Driven Love Affair With All Things Vintage

The co-op specializes in affordable vintage home furnishings, and has always attracted a younger clientele. Foot traffic to stores in Williamsburg and Greenpoint, now close to pre-epidemic levels.

But it is on Instagram where the business is booming. Prior to the epidemic, the store’s Instagram feed was more than a marketing tool, with most of the co-op’s 72,000 followers engaging in motivation. Now they are there to shop, with internet sales accounting for 50 percent of the co-op’s business, up from 25 percent a year earlier.

“Before we liked the post to encourage foot traffic, like, ‘Hey, there’s a lot of new stuff we’ve brought, go to the store,” Ms. Wagner said. “Now it’s really like, ‘This item is for sale at this price, here are the dimensions.” “

The design has been popular among customers in their 20s and early 30s since the 1980s, drawn to the colorful, whimsical aesthetic. “It reminds them of their parents’ furniture so that they are attracted to it,” Ms Wagner said.

Old and antiques sellers say their customers have become better educated about design through social media. Internet of leather and walnuts is simply more time to gig through rabbit holes. What’s the point of all those endless zoom meetings if you can’t spend time on mute scrolling Ettor Sotspass Side Table From the 1970s for $ 4,500? Follow some Instagram hashtags like #vintagedecor or #vlifehome – there are over 2 million posts each – and you can escape into the world of credenza and coffee tables.

There is also a zoom room shame effect. We are worried that our virtual coworkers are quietly playing their own personal game Room rotor, Looking at our bookshelf, houseplant and lighting like a popular Twitter account on a scale of one to 10.

A leather position Hardoi Butterfly Chair The corner of the camera frame has its shattered, swinging body and iron legs, perhaps a faded leaf behind it, and your otherwise unnatural backdrop suddenly 10. In this era, the home office is the new work wardrobe – you can never be ready now, but you can definitely have your background.

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