Addison Rae and the Beauty of 78.5 Million Followers

This is not news for those who are prominent in beauty culture. After all, they are often famous because of social media, and when they choose to create a beauty line, it’s not just about cashing in – most of the time they feel insecure, and they feel better about themselves Use cosmetics to help and want others to share them to make them feel better too. But it becomes a vicious cycle, and this step is difficult to reverse.

Michelle Phan, an early influencer and co-founder of Ipsi, confused the beauty community after she stopped posting online in 2015. Two years later, she relaunched her makeup line, M Cosmetics, which she bought back from L’Oreal and sold her stake. In Ipsy. “Once, I was a girl with dreams, who eventually became a product, smiling, selling and selling,” she said Video of 2017 saying goodbye to him. “Who I was on camera and who I was in real life started feeling like strangers.” He said: “My insecurities made me worse. I was imprisoned by my own arrogance and was never satisfied with what I looked like. The picture I led online was perfect. But really, I was looking carefully at the image of my life, which was not what I wanted. “

Working within the system, Rai was trying to address the way that she too was torn with the same anxiety as her people had seen. She also created a vulnerability in the branding of her makeup line. Last year, Rae and Item sold a round, orange-colored compact, and when you opened it, it had a mirror with the words “I love you say it back”. It was a crack at a popular meme, a standard-issue message of empowering girlboss but also an acknowledgment of the widespread insecurity that a person buying opinion and compacts might feel.

I felt it was sweet, but there was also an intimate relationship with Murthy that the consumer was seeking. Demonstrating insecurity from Rae, or at least an acknowledgment that Rae can look in the same mirror and in the way a consumer does, should shock confidence in the same way. Sarah Brown said to me, “Relativity is the number 1 thing that makes people click ‘check out’.”

It was hard to tell if the opinion was really insecure or simply using marketing tactics to gain fans. The philosopher Vidas said, “Everyone is insecure about their bodies, and the more our culture gets the visual, the more insecure we all get, and it doesn’t matter how purposefully you look a bit . ” “So it is not reasonable to think that even the most beautiful celebrities can be insecure. In fact, it is very plausible to think what they are. But to say that they were suddenly becoming insecure because they applied their own lipstick is much less praiseworthy.

Still, the psychological flytrap in such rhetoric – “I want you to know that your body is perfect, even if you are buying this product to look like me, and I am insecure about my look” – was powerful, and in addition other stars were pointing to Rai. When I asked Camberos, the beauty executive, where he saw the beauty culture today and where it was going, he said that it was related to the issue of mental health. Rai told British glamor She felt that she was in a good place recently about her appearance and said that “Comparison is a thief of happiness.” When asked what she was proud of, Rai said, “Being mentally healthy is a really big achievement for me.”

Thinking about combining these two things, a beauty brand and mental health, was a bit of a hassle, especially as the era of our global pandemics draws to a close and we emerge creating new sculptures, illuminating, illuminating. In September, Selena Gomez, who has been open about her bipolar disorder, introduced her line, Rare Beauty. In marketing efforts, the company, which provides a soft concealer, foundation and blusher, vowed that “we will use makeup to shape positive interactions around beauty, self-acceptance, and mental health.” And shortly before musician Halsey began promoting her new makeup line in early 2021, she posted an old photo of her emaciated body on Instagram, stating that she is suffering from an eating disorder. Kylie recently wrote a proverb on her Instagram from a self-help writer – “Dark thoughts, turns, and doubts can just get out of your mind,” it read in part – along with a bathtub and a nude foot The picture, covered in a bit of suds, against which a clear pink bottle rests from her skin care line.

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