Amazing secrets related to the body of girls(About Women/girl Body)

Woman is one of the most beautiful creations of the universe. It would not be wrong to say that understanding any woman is not less than a mystery in itself. The female body is one of the most complex creations of nature. period and hormones From pregnancy to pregnancy, there are many such things in the body of women that we men can neither feel nor understand.

There are so many secrets inside a female body that hardly anyone knows and there are many such mysteries related to them which are still unsolved. Let’s have a look about some very interesting things related to female body which can completely surprise any person.

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If it is a matter of flexibility, then a female is more flexible than any male. Female muscles have more elastic than a match and this thing makes their body more flexible than any match. Perhaps that is why it has been mostly seen that the number of women in gymnastics is much more than the men.

2)Breast size

Although Female Breasts look alike in appearance, but in reality the size of both the breasts is different from each other, that is, the size of one breast is smaller or bigger than the other and it is quite common for this to happen. Maybe many of you are aware of this, but very few people know why this happens. There can be many reasons behind this, such as there is a difference in the volume of breast tissue of both, the flexibility of the skin is different or the breast pocket is big or small etc.

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3)Never Ending Talks

Women talk a lot more than men. According to a research, a woman speaks about 20 thousand words in a day and men only 7 thousand words. Actually, a protein called Fox P2 is found in the human body and this protein is more especially in women than in men. Language this protein protein Also called. Now you must have understood how girls talk so much.

3)High Impact of Alcohol

If we talk about alcohol capacity, then most people would believe that a man can drink more alcohol than any woman. This thing is completely true, but why does this happen, let us know that the amount of water in the body of women is less than that of men, that is, less liquid is found in the tissues of the female body.

Due to this, after drinking alcohol, its effect on their body starts happening sooner than men. Due to less water in the body, the ability to digest alcohol is slightly less and not only this, due to less water in the tissues, women also sweat more than men.

4)Sensitive and Sharp Hearing

Have you ever wondered how a mother wakes up after hearing the smallest movement or sound of her child even in deep sleep? In fact, even after sleeping, a woman’s ears are very sensitive to any kind of sound. Not only this, they are also more capable of choosing high frequency sound than men, that is, their ears have more ability to easily hear and understand the subtle and light sounds coming from far away.

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5)Heart Attack Symptoms

The symptoms before a heart attack in women can be quite different from those in men. Usually chest pain ie chest pain is the most common system of heart attack, but women feel these symptoms like indigestion and shoulder pain in place of chest pain or before heart attack.

6)Pregnancy Cravings

We all know that during pregnancy, a woman may feel like eating strange food at any time and during the whole 9 months, she feels like eating sour, sometimes sweet and sometimes spicy or salty. But do you know that 30 percent of pregnant women feel like eating these things such as mitti, benia, chalk, gourd starch, strange things. Pregnancy affects women’s body as well as their mind, and the rapid change in hormones is believed to be the reason for this.

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7)Rational thikning

Generally women are considered very emotional because women are more sensitive to their feelings and express all kinds of emotions very quickly. On the other hand, men are considered to be more intelligent and logical, who do everything according to reason and logic. But you will be surprised to know that science says something else.

Cerebral cortex is a part of our brain which controls the logic or reasoning capacity of any person.
it shows. According to psychologist Stuart Ritchie, the amount of cortex in a female brain is more than that of a male brain, which gives them the ability to think logic in making decisions despite being emotional.

8)Storg Attachment

If we talk about relationships, then it has always been seen that women are expert in making and maintaining relationships, so in most relationships, women are more loyal. A woman becomes emotionally involved in any relationship and according to scientists this is because their body has a high amount of a hormone called oxytocin.

to oxytocin love hormone Also called. Whenever you meet a person or are attracted to a person, then this hormone is released in our body, due to which we also feel good. Oxytocin hormones increase your attachment level. Strengthens relationship and reduces stress level. By shaking hands or hugging a person, its level increases in our body.

9)Change in body

Although it is believed that all the changes in a female body end by the time of adolescence and after that her height stops increasing, but according to science, the truth is something else. A female body is capable of changing itself completely even in its 20s. Not only the body but also a lot of changes come in the brain of women after crossing the age of 20. This is the reason that with the passage of time, the decision making ability of a woman also improves. Surely today you must have understood the female body in a better way.

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