An Unexpected Move From Emergency Roommates to Soul Mates

Jordan Castle was looking for a roommate. Instead, he found love.

“We met on Craigslist. We were the emergency roomkeepers, ”Ms. Castle said. In the summer of 2013, Ms. Castle posted a “wanting roommate” ad in Craigslist San Francisco, as the apartment she was counting on fell through the apartment. Jarrod Morgan, 33, responded to their advertisement.

“He was just as desperate to stay in the city and live in one place,” said Ms. Castle, 30 years old. We met for pizza and decided to look for an apartment together. “He found one, also on Craigslist, and left a week later.

After five months of walking together, they left on their first official date. They went to Nelpito for dinner and to watch “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” because their first pick, “Dallas Buyer’s Club”, was not playing at a suitable time, with Ms. Castle saying “it would be sad.” for a date.”

It did not take them long to learn that they were reunited forever. “Maybe I always knew. I knew at least from the time we met that Jerrod was going to be a fixture in my life, ”said Ms. Castle, who grew up in Huntington, N.Y., and from Atrium, a technology marketer from far away from Philadelphia. Works as a director. Consulting in Montana. He also wrote a book of poems, “All His Breakable Things.”

“Over the years, our many moves, career changes, and the adoption of our dog Haxaw, froze all my little ah moments into a big yes. Yes for this life, we have built together from scratch.

Mr. Morgan, who grew up in Columbus, Ohio, graduated from Ohio State and now works remotely from Philadelphia as a program manager at Google’s New York office, stating for the first time that It struck them that Ms. Castle was “one” when they were nearing the end of their first lease and knew that they were not renewing. “My instinct, without thinking about it, is, ‘Oh, there’s no way I want to do anything else without Geord.”

It was his sixth anniversary that was proposed by Mr. Morgan, which came as a surprise to Ms. Castle.

“He took me to a hotel room where we only had food. I was told that it was a view of Madison Square Park from the terrace, and when I realized that we had not gone into someone else’s room, he sat down on one knee and with the world’s best vintage ring Proposed, “Ms. Castle, who graduated from the University of San Francisco and received a Master of Fine Arts in Poetry from Hunter College.

They planned a big winter wedding for Jan. 29 at the Housing Works Bookstore & Cafe in New York for 100 guests. But because of this Epidemic, They had to postpone the celebration until January 2022.

Not wanting to miss getting married just because they had to retreat from a party, the couple decided to meet their original date. “The party is for everyone, but the wedding is for us,” Ms. Castle said. “The epidemic has taken so many of us and it felt like an opportunity to take something back – not to wait to live or to be loved.”

The couple then decided to get married at Philadelphia’s City Hall, the city they live in, but it soon became impossible. “They are essentially closed for weddings at City Hall in Philadelphia,” Ms. Castle said.

It was Plan C, and on January 29, he was married in a suit at the Four Seasons in Philadelphia, where he also lived. “It was incredible in terms of hospitality. He had handwritten notes for us; A photo of us turned into an illustrated Instagram post; Our eight-year-old pug treats for Huxaw; And surprised us even after the ceremony with the whole cake and champagne. “

Laura Barry, an interfaith minister convicted through the circle of the Miracle Ministry School, inscribed as a family seen on Zoom.

Each couple gave Haxaw a treat only to recite their vows before a second guest, who also served as their photographer.

Scandinavia tops their honeymoon list. But, Ms. Castle said: “It’s a long way because we want to wait after having our party and it’s safe to travel abroad in general and in particular. But in a way it also adds magic.”

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