Are you a Virgin? What is the Hindi meaning of Virgin (Virgin Meaning In Hindi)

Hello friends, today we will know this article. What is Virgin meaning in Hindi? What are the words for Virgin in Hindi? What is the term Virgin used for. If someone asks you are you a virgin, what does it mean? If you also do not have much information about virgin. So by the end of the article, all the concepts related to virgin will be clear to you.

Meaning of Virgin in hindi

Friends, nowadays everyone uses this word. You must have heard using the word virgin somewhere in your movies or among friends. By the way, the Hindi meaning of virgin is virgin or virgin. In many places the meaning of virgin is associated with purity. If someone asks you if you are a virgin… it means whether you have had sex with anyone yet or not…. If you haven’t, you’re a virgin. This is the modern definition.

The word Virgin is a holy word but whenever today’s generation hears this word, wrong thoughts start coming in their mind. He directly associates it with sabhong or sexy. Which isn’t quite right.

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History of the word virgin

The word Virgin is said to have been used for Mother Mary in 1300 AD, several hundred years before today. This word means holy and virgin. If a girl enters the church, her chastity will be called virginity. This means that the ability of a young girl to connect to religious beliefs is called virginity. In addition, there is another story related to the origin of the word virgin, according to which Princess Arsula, who was later called a saint. He was born between the fourth and fifth centuries. His father was the king of the British territory. At the behest of the father, the princess was getting ready for marriage. To meet her husband, she set out on a shipwreck with 11,000 virgins’ helpers. Suddenly there was a storm and Arsula took a step back and decided that she would go to meet the Pope first. Therefore, 11,000 virgins also decided to accompany him. But on their way, they found robbers in the form of swans, these swans were not birds, but a nomadic group living in Western Europe. The group raped and slaughtered 11,000 virgins, including Arsula. Only after this the name Virgina became famous all over the world.

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Some other meanings of the word Virgin

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this article”Are you a Virgin? What is the Hindi meaning of virgin (virgin meaning in Hindi)“Thank you so much for reading I hope. That you must have got to know a lot new from this article.

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