Discover, learn, teach and share with 3DBear – Defining future of education

The 3DBear virtual event emphasized ‘game based e-learning’; Finding and learning through 3DBear helps in deeper engagement and interaction in the classroom resulting in a better understanding of abstract and difficult concepts. Education, like other areas of personal and professional life, has seen rapid technology adoption, due to the rise in distance learning. AR, VR … Read more

Infrastructure at GLA – Times of India

We shape our buildings. Next, they shape us For any university, infrastructure is the most important tool along with other requirements including quality based education, practical experience and additional courses. According to the study the most important elements of a good academic infrastructure which also contributes to their career are- Buildings, classrooms, laboratories, equipment. GLA … Read more

international girl child day: Why education of girls must be a strategic priority

Since educated girls and women empowerment go hand in hand, their education deserves continuous efforts. A UNICEF survey showed that almost 60% of girls in developing countries do not attend school. In India, early child marriage, negative attitude of parents, perception of girls as unworthy ‘investments’ add to the issue. Increasingly, girls’ education is being … Read more

Does Your Online Program Assure a Job?

Learners need to make informed decisions before investing time and energy in online learning India has emerged as a hotbed for online learning. Driven by the dawn of technological advances, digital learning is acting as a change catalyst, helping learners to bridge the gaps in institutional education. According to the LinkedIn Workforce Survey Index, 86% … Read more

[CISCE Sem 1 Boards] Chapter-wise Topic-wise Mock Test, Additional Specimen Papers Released! Exam Tips Announced!

With the semester 1 term exams approaching, every student is getting worried. Earlier, updates were released for CBSE board exams. But recently, sample sample papers have been released for ICSE, ISCE board exams also. Students need to answer a good number of MCQ questions in the time limit of 60 minutes only, and it has … Read more

MCQs-Based Term 1 Boards, 360 Preparation App Launched! With Newly Updated Mock Sample Paper Every Week [Datesheet Alert!]

CBSE Datesheet, Time Table for Class 10 & 12 MCQ Based Term 1 Board Exam 2021-22 is expected in a week’s time. only a few weeks left for MCQ based term 1 board exam for class 10 and 12. Students are finalizing their preparation to score maximum possible marks. Students who started preparation on time … Read more

mumbai schools reopening: Mumbai: Students stirring out of bubble with a smile but parents wary

MUMBAI: When Aryan Arole first heard that his school might finally reopen, he was the first to take off his uniform, closed for eighteen months. “I can’t wait to meet my friends and teachers, play football and eat from the cafeteria. The thought of boarding my school bus sounds exciting too!” Dr. Pillai, a class … Read more

Learners Accelerating Careers with Placement Assured Online Programs

Deep-skilling online programs with placement assurance are gaining momentum for their value proposition The unemployment rate in India is bringing to the fore the raw reality of the Indian workforce. The macroeconomic recovery is progressing at a slow pace, leaving the professional outlook negative for millions. Nearly 1.5 million Indians lost their jobs in August … Read more