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Basic information about Atomic Bomb and Hydrogen Bomb

Hello friends are you in some movie or the other? Atom bomb Must have heard the name. It is said that it is the most dangerous bomb in the world. But for your information, let me tell you that the most dangerous bomb in the world is the hydrogen bomb. Today in this article we are going to know about these bombs.

Atomic Bomb

Atomic bomb is commonly known as nuclear bomb (Nuclear Bomb in hindi) is also called. Its theory is based on nuclear fission.

to make the atomic bomb Uranium (U35) or Plutonium (Pu239)are used. In this, there is an uncontrolled chain reaction, as a result of which immense amount of energy is generated.

For the substance used in the bomb, it is necessary that its mass exceeds a certain mass. This fixed mass is calledCritical mass’ it is said . If the mass of the substance used in the bomb is less than the critical mass. So that matter will not fragment but remain permanent.

For this, two pieces of fissile material are taken whose Mass revolution less than the mass. These two pieces are kept separately. When the bomb is to be detonated. Then these two pieces are mixed together so that the total Mass revolution becomes more than the mass and uncontrolled fission reaction begins and with a fierce explosion, a lot of energy is released.

Approximately after the bombing 107 degrees centigrade A pressure equal to temperature and millions of atmospheric pressures is produced. blinding glow in the explosion and many radio active radiation Are generated. Where there is an explosion, all things and living beings are destroyed in the area miles away from there.

The destructive radioactive rays produced in the explosion are carried away by the wind. Atomic bomb is a destructive form of nuclear energy.

Hydrogen Bomb –

The hydrogen bomb was invented by American scientists in 1952. The hydrogen bomb is based on the process of nuclear fusion. This bomb is 1000 times more powerful than the atomic bomb.

in hydrogen bomb deuterium and tritium A lot of energy is released by the fusion of Before the detonation of the hydrogen bomb, it is necessary that the atomic bomb should be detonated first.

Therefore, to make a hydrogen bomb, first make an atomic bomb. It is covered from all sides with a compound of deuterium. When an atomic bomb explodes, tritium nuclei fuse with each other to generate enormous amounts of energy due to extreme heat and pressure. This only hydrogen bomb The principle is

A huge amount of energy is released from the hydrogen bomb. But till now this energy has not been controlled and used in constructive work because at the temperature at which the process of fusion takes place, all the electrons are separated from the atoms. and becomes a mixture of nuclei and electrons. to this mixture ‘plasma’ it is said.

Today in front of scientists ‘plasma’ The biggest problem is the process of conservation. Scientists are trying in this direction. On the day when scientists will be able to preserve this plasma, on that day fusion energy can be used for creative work and ‘Fragmentation reactor similar to ‘fusion-reactor’ It would also be possible to build

Solar Energy in Hindi-

The source of energy of the Sun and other stars in the universe is also the nuclear fusion that takes place there. Most of the Sun is made of hydrogen and helium and the temperature of its inner part is about 10^7 degrees Kelvin. at such a high temperature hydrogen nuclei Fusion takes place and a lot of energy is released.

In 1938, American scientist Bethe told that there are two types of fusion on the Sun. Reaction-proton-proton cycle and carbon-nitrogen cycle it happens.

The source of energy in stars is the same as in the Sun. In the inner part of the Sun, where the temperature is 2 x 10^7 Kelvin, there is more possibility of proton-proton cycle, but many stars whose temperature is much higher than the Sun, such as Sirius have more possibility of carbon cycle.

The rate at which the Sun is emitting energy. It is estimated that it will continue to emit energy at this rate for the next 1000 crore years.

this article”atom bomb (Atom BombBasic information about Hydrogen Bomb “Thank you so much for reading I hope. That you must have got to know a lot new from this article.

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