Beer Here, Bouquets Next Door: How a Bar Defied the Pandemic

Ms. Hyderbrook, the hatch manager, was planning to open a sister bar called Good for Nothing, but she quickly opened the plan when the epidemic arrived. Then, while waiting for a late negotiation order in the hatch, Ms. Easterbrook, a trained florist, and Mr. Cushingway came up with the idea for the pothead. To them, the concept made sense: there was still demand for flowers and plants, the hatch’s new outdoor space could attract customers, and they could use the bar’s liquor license to sell liquor.

Ms Easterbrook said the first week was a success, although Mr Cushingway still had much to learn. “Initially he asked me such things as, ‘Should I get more sand for flowers?” he said.

Mr. Cashingway teamed up with Hatch cook Leonardo Garcia to create and make sauces including Hatch Sat Catchup and Hatch Fuego. And he worked with 23-year-old Bartico on bottling cocktails under a new brand Wolfmoon. As part of Mr. Koshingway’s effort to empower its employees, Mr. Garcia and Mr. Breen have a stake in sales.

Now, after a year in which he worried that the hatch would never fully open again, Mr. Coaching said that his biggest concern was welcoming customers back inside. He is trying to figure out how the sound system can be covered both indoor and outdoor and whether indoor customers have to order food at the outdoor window. Some employees are also uncomfortable with customers returning inside the compact bar until they receive a vaccine.

In fact, Mr. Coaching said, he prefers the new hatch before the epidemic. With outdoor seating, “it’s more vibrant,” he said. “I don’t return things the way they were.”

Kirla Oyola-Seal contributed reporting.

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