Big Wagers on Spanish Soccer on Day 1 of Mobile Sports Betting in Illinois

On the first day of mobile sports betting in Illinois after the corona virus shutdown, almost two-thirds of the money was spent on Spanish football.

On Thursday 17thth June 2020 with the launch of legal, mobile
Sports betting drawn in Illinois by Rivers Casino, overseas soccer games
78% of the money wagered on

Although representatives of the Des Plaines gambling house failed
Divide the first hold or the full number of bets you have uncovered
that about 60% of Illinoisans who created accounts to place money
spend at least part of their money on soccer.

Most of this money – 56% – was spent on La Liga Spanish
Football and Real Madrid’s win against Valencia.

The rest of the action saw weather in around 17% of the grip on chip
PGA Tour Golf and 5% on Korean baseball.

The more sports are back on the board after months of closure
Due to the pandemic, the football market is expected to be sharp
(Soccer) will equalize. There are
fluctuating optimism for the NBA, NHL and MLB with which business is to be negotiated
the associations of their respective players to be active again this summer.

After the start in March, his retail sports betting was ruined because of
The Shutdown Rivers was the first of the state’s seven licensed casinos
Offering online sports betting, a key market that attracts the vast majority
the grip in other states where it is legal.

Approximately three quarters of Rivers’ Day 1 bets were placed from
Cell phones.

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