British Tabloid The Sun Paid For Improperly Obtained Meghan Markle Personal Data

No information supplied by him raised concern about illegal practices, with the company saying it did not request Ms. Markle’s Social Security number – which is more restricted information – and not use it for any purpose Have done

In Britain, legal experts said, tabloids have gone cautiously since the 2011 scandal that forced Mr Murdoch to shut down his other tabloids, The News of the World, and a satellite broadcaster named BSKB in his own Torpedo the takeover.

“Currently, no evidence has been found suggesting that they have continued any illegal activities since 2011,” said privacy law expert Daniel Taylor.

But Mr. Taylor said, “When Harry and Meghan were very interested, and there was no doubt that they would have made every stone to gain a competitive edge over their rivals.”

Even as The Sun was printing its initial articles about Harry and Meghan’s romance, Sunday Express and other contestants were getting their own scoops to talk to anyone involved with Ms. Markle from afar. Been fanning across America for. They barred houses; They bombarded distant relatives with phone calls; They talked to neighbors; He quoted the couple’s “friends” and “pals” anonymously.

Coverage type was An article in the daily mail Stuffed with racist innuendo, said the burial was Ms. Markle’s “(almost) straight outta Compton”, and described the L.A. neighborhood where her black mother was loaded with “tatty one-story homes” and drugs, guns. Used to rule together. , Gangs and violence.

The Mail article, and various articles from The Sun, appeared in the first week of November 2016. Days later, Prince Harry’s office Issued an extraordinary statement Announcing that Ms. Markle was “subject to a wave of abuse and harassment” and that “almost every friend, co-worker and loved one in her life was chased”, and in some cases offered money for the interview, British news media by members.

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