Caitlin Stasey Stars in Ed Burns’s ‘Bridge and Tunnel’

Name: Caitlin Stacey

Age: 30

Hometown: Melbourne, Australia

Lasts now: The two-bedroom, ranch-style home on the east side of Los Angeles in the 1950s.

claim to fame: Ms. Stacey is an actress, writer and director who has starred in the new Epics series.Bridge and tunnel, “A drunken set on Long Island in the 1980s. She plays the recently-caught college graduate between her big-city fashion dreams and a high school sweetheart. Like most of her roles, the character is incredibly” Strong willpower “, she said. She said,” I’ve never played a character that finished second in command. Even if she had the power, she always managed to bring it back. “

big break: “I’ve always been a show-off,” Ms. Stacey said of her childhood, which was full of choirs and drama clubs. He auditioned at the age of 12The Sleepover Club, “An Australian TV comedy series in which five young girls are tied into a weekly sleep bond.” When I got the call, I didn’t know which character I would play, “she said.

The offer was for Frankie, the lead. The show ran for a season, but a year later, in 2015, she “The neighbors“A popular Australian soap opera that turned her into a fan favorite.” Honestly said the job had changed my life, “she said.

Latest Project: Edward Burns, Who produced “Bridge and Tunnel”, wrote in mind the role of Ms. Stacey after appearing in her film “Summertime”, which was also set on Long Island in the 1980s. Due to the epidemic, the cast of “Bridge and Tunnel” spent a week at Zoom’s rehearsal, before shooting six episodes in the five weeks of summer and fall. “Ed gives you a great outline of the character and expects you to fill it with any kind of texture,” she said. “And we really defined for ourselves the way things sounded.”

next thing: This month, Ms. Stacey will direct a new series for Atlaw, a female-owned pornography company and sexual health website based in Austin, Texas, where she is a writer-director. “Porn sets are much more inclusive than traditional film sets,” he said. “There are too many conversations about consent, respect and on-set conduct.”

Hampton’s Dreams: The cast remained together during the filming of “Bridge and Tunnel” Hampton Inn in Rockville Center, NY At night, the artists transformed their rooms into nightclubs.

Sam Wortholomos, who plays Ms. Stacey’s on-screen boyfriend Jimmy, was the resident DJ “I think that would be the one thing I think of when I’m dying,” she says. “I remember him being young and quiet and staying in that hotel.”

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