Can We Learn Anything From Horses?

Dr. Cruni, previously not familiar with Equus, said, “We don’t want to curse what we’re doing.”

He said, “Man can certainly influence the behavior of horses”. “But it does not reflect some sort of characteristic inherent within us, which is what I am saying.”

Nevertheless, it is possible, Drs. Crony said, even for people to say outside of formal practice, leadership practice, to get people to benefit from spending time in the presence of animals. This is the basis of the “biophilia hypothesis”, which assumes that people are naturally attracted to nature.

“My animal behavior work has made me a better teacher,” she said.

Working with the sheep, Drs. Crooney said – “Everything scares the sheep” – he still needs to remain calm and calm; To notice what the sheep are doing; “So I understand what they are going to have to do to take a look at the environment and even to see what they are seeing.”

“As long as the animals are comfortable, they are in an environment where they feel safe and protected, and you have the ability to sit and watch them – or even better yet, have intercourse with them – all of these fantastic There are opportunities, ”she said.

When asked exactly what Equus does, Ms. Wdorff’s answer was generally hungry-eyed and expansive: “We create conditions for people to learn success so they can live the lives they always dreamed of. Is, “he said.

But Mr. Strachan’s thriving value to himself and this may be that, in order to create a professional reliance on the observation of the contemplative horse, he has permanently found a way of skill, which makes him all the more unpredictable. , Makes it better than the average person in dealing with skilled animals – including humans eager to improve themselves at any cost.

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