CBSE Class 12 Syllabus 2021-22 Arts, Commerce, Science Subjects

CBSE Class 12 Syllabus 2021-22 Arts, Commerce, Science Subjects can be downloaded from here. Get CBSE 12th Syllabus 2021 from here now. We know that you all want to know about CBSE Class 12 Syllabus 2021-22, so today in our article you will be clearly told about it. In our article, you will be given information about 12th class Arts, Commerce and Science syllabus so that you can prepare diligently for the exam. Please read our article carefully till the end to get complete information about it.

CBSE Class 12 Syllabus 2021-22

Name of the Board by which the 12th Exam Syllabus will be released- Central Board of Secondary Education. Every year 12th examinations are conducted by this board, the result is released and now the syllabus will also be released by this board. We know that you all will be very curious to know about the syllabus because after knowing the syllabus you can start the exam preparation well and get a good end in the exam.

Along with the 12th class syllabus we will also provide you complete information about the exam pattern, hope you read it carefully and prepare diligently for the exam. Through the Syllabus, you can know what type of questions you may come in the exam and what topics you should prepare for, about which we will provide you a clear idea. Complete information about this is given below, hope this will help you completely.

CBSE 12th Syllabus 2021-22

board name central board of secondary education [CBSE]
class 12th board class
section Arts, Commerce and Science
course mode Online
course date Available now

CBSE Class 12 Syllabus

CBSE Syllabus 2021-22 PDF Download Link

optional subject

language course

CBSE Class 12 Arts Syllabus 2021-22

What is your Arts Syllabus, please read it carefully:-

Exam Pattern
Subject theoretical mark practical marks
visit 100 no practical
Sociology 80 20
history 70 30
Geography 70 30
home Science 80 20
Psychology 70 30
political Science 100 no practical
Arts Course Overview
Subject syllabus
  • Social Institutions – Sustainability and Change

  • Social Inequality and Exclusion Patterns

  • Introduction to Indian Society

  • Introduction to Indian Society

  • Demographic Structure of Indian Society

  • Challenges of Cultural Diversity

  • suggestions for project work

  • Demographic Structure of Indian Society

  • cultural change

  • Social Institutions – Sustainability and Change

  • structural change

  • Social Inequality and Exclusion Patterns

  • Change and development in industrial society

  • social movement

  • Change and Development in Rural Society

  • human Geography
  • Resources and Development
  • human activities
  • human settlement
  • map work
  • Geographical perspective on selected issues and problems
  • change in psychological characteristics

  • self and personality

  • face life’s challenges

  • psychological disorder

  • therapeutic approach

  • Attitude and Social Cognition

  • Social Influence and Group Processes

political Science
  • globalization
  • South Asia and the Contemporary World
  • end of bipolar
  • Cold War Era and the Non-Aligned Movement
  • new centers of power
  • United Nations and its organizations
  • Indian Politics: Trends and Developments
  • Parties and Party System in India
  • planned development
  • challenges of nation building
  • India’s Foreign Policy
  • democratic revival
physical education
  • Sports Nutrition
  • yoga and lifestyle
  • game plan
  • biomechanics and sports
  • psychology and sports
  • training in sports
  • CWSN. for physical education and sports
  • children and women in sports
  • Test and measure in game
  • Physiology and Injuries in Sports &

CBSE Class 12 Commerce Syllabus 2021-22

The syllabus of commerce course is given below, which is as follows:-

Exam Pattern
Subject theoretical mark practical marks
Economics 80 20
business Studies 80 20
accounting work 80 20
informatics practice 80 20
Commerce Course Overview
Subject syllabus
  • government budget and economy
  • balance of payments
  • Determination of income and employment
  • money and Banking
  • National Income and Related Aggregates
  • India’s Development Experience – Comparison with Neighbors
  • Experience of Development since 1991 (1947-90) and Economic Reforms
  • Current challenges before the Indian economy
business Studies
accounting work
  • financial statement analysis
  • computerized accounting
  • practical work
  • Project work
  • Partnership Firms and Companies

CBSE Class 12 Science Syllabus 2021-22

The syllabus of 12th Science is as follows:-

science exam pattern
Subject theoretical mark practical marks
the biology 70 30
chemistry 70 30
Physics 70 30
Science Curriculum Overview
Subject syllabus
the biology
  • Biodiversity and Conservation
  • fauna and population
  • Biotechnology and its applications
  • Biotechnology: Principles and Processes
  • Microorganisms in Human Welfare
  • human health and disease

  • molecular basis of inheritance
  • Theory of Inheritance and Variation
  • sexual reproduction in flowering plants
  • human reproduction
  • reproductive health
  • electric charge and field
  • electrostatic potential and capacitance
  • Moving charge and magnetism
  • magnetism and matter
  • Wave Optics
  • Ray Optics And Optical Instruments
  • electromagnetic induction
  • atoms
  • nucleus
  • alternating current
  • Semiconductor Devices: Materials, Devices and Simple Circuits

How to Check CBSE Class 12 Syllabus 2021-22 Online?

  1. First of all visit the official website for Syllabus.
  2. Then you have to click on the Syllabus option on the home page.
  3. Then you have to choose your stream.
  4. After selecting the stream your syllabus will open.
  5. You can save and download the syllabus if you want.

Hope you have got the complete information about CBSE Class 12 Syllabus 2021-22 in our article, if you still want to ask something about it, you can ask us by messaging in the comment section.

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