CBSE Class 12th: Preparation Tips to Excel in MCQ Based Term 1 Examination 2021-22


Class 12th Board is a life changing point for every student! The students are already under stress and the change in pattern acted as the icing on the cake. The panic the students are going through is easily understandable. Recently CBSE has directed the schools to conduct Pre Final Exam for Term 1 to help the students to practice for the new pattern and released the official sample papers.

In these mysterious scenarios, MTG is all set to help the aspiring students. The publication has recently released 100 percent exam ready Question bank and sample paper.

Check out the latest Pattern CBSE Question Bank and Sample Papers specially designed and for CBSE Term 1 & 2:


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The book has been curated focusing on the sample question papers released by the CBSE Board at the end of 02nd September 2021.

As per the latest updates on the official website of CBSE, CBSE has updated the Term-1 weightage of the respective subjects.

  1. Biology- 35 marks.
  2. Mathematics- 40 marks.
  3. Physics- 35 marks.
  4. Chemistry- 35 marks.
  5. English Core- 40 Marks.

Right selection of books along with good exam preparation strategy and willingness to work hard can make any academic dream come true.

Below we will discuss a strategy after which you will be assured of getting a good rank in class 12th Term-1 examination.

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Eight tips to get high marks in all subjects of class 12th class 1 exam.

An unplanned preparation will get you nowhere. Either you are short of time or you miss important chapters. It would be better if you strategize your study plan. Schedule time with the topics and chapters that are part of Term 1 syllabus. Identify and divide chapters according to high and low weightage. Make a daily plan of what topics and chapters to cover each day.

Make sure you keep 8-10 days for final revision in your study plan. Set your daily study hours accordingly.

  • Analyze the material and map your study plan accordingly.

After preparing your strategy, it is time for you to arrange concept study and question practice. Study from books that have easy to understand language, in-depth knowledge, learning tools to help remember facts, and exhaustive practice questions.

Don’t spend too much time messing around with complicated topics from very detailed books. Instead, follow the NCERT syllabus and understand the NCERTs line by line.

MTG’s NCERT Fingers Here NCERT will prove to be your best companion in the learning process. The book contains line-to-line important information of NCERT in the form of objective type questions. Completing these books will help you to be confident of your NCERT syllabus, and then you can move on.

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  • Follow your study plan.

One of the key points to crack class 12th board exam is consistency. To know where your preparation is going and whether your efforts are in the right direction, you need to be persistent. Leaving a day or two may give you joy but it will definitely bring a change in the learning flow. Review your schedule regularly and revise as and when required.

As you go ahead strictly with your plan, you will start gaining the confidence of completing the syllabus and revision on time.

  • Enhance your concept-based understanding.

CBSE Class-12th Term-1 This year will be an objective test and hence it will be based not only on NCERT theory but also on the concept-based understanding of the students.

To make this possible, delve deep into the plethora of questions and attempt as many types of questions as possible. This will enhance your concept-based understanding and give you a good idea of ​​the conceptual applications.

MTG has released a book mainly focused on this and it has ample amount of case based/assertion and reason based and passage based questions – Get more case study chapter wise practice questions. 70+ questions for each chapter of this book will give you rigorous practice of new pattern questions. If you can answer all the questions correctly, you are ready with an in-depth understanding of your syllabus.

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  • Modify time- keep it short.

By the time you finish your course, it’s time for you to quickly revise your learning. At this point, it would be unwise to start re-reading the entire syllabus. Go through your notes. Hand-crafted notes can be quickly grasped and memorized by readers instead of book overviews.

Still, if you haven’t prepared notes, you’ll need an eloquent map that will give you quick recaps of chapters. For a brief review ride of the course, get help from Concept map of MTG.

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  • Prepare for what will happen next.

As you know, this year the examinations are going to be conducted in two posts and in Term-1 there will be 50% syllabus in objective form carrying 40 marks weightage.

Now that you are ready with the syllabus, you know the weightage and have solved a number of questions, it is time to understand the exam pattern. You can solve practice questions / papers from best books based on the exam pattern.

did you know?

NS 100% exam ready It is strictly based on the revised exam pattern and does not divert the attention of the student at any point of preparation. The book contains different types of objective type questions. The book also contains Recap Notes, MCQs, Case-based MCQs, and Assertion Reason MCQs to familiarize the student with the latest exam pattern.

MTG wishes you all the very best for your class 12th class 1st exams. As stated earlier that right selection of books along with a good exam preparation strategy and willingness to work hard can make any academic dream come true.

Best wishes!

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