CBSE Term 1 Exam Schedule to be Announced. Prepare from best Sample Papers and Question Bank


A few days back, CBSE had released the sample papers for class 10th and 12th term 1 board. The official sample papers are now available on the CBSE website. Now, the exam schedule is to be announced in October week.

The sample paper provided the exact blueprint of the actual paper and marking scheme. However, only one sample paper may not be enough for the students to prepare themselves for the complete revamping of the question paper. As per the analysis of CBSE Sample Papers, MTG experts estimate the following points:

1. The sample papers for Term 1 as mentioned earlier by CBSE are completely objective

2. The paper is more concept and application based.


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3. Illustrative diagrams, line diagrams and graph-based questions are more in sample papers than in one-liners

4. The difficulty level of the sample papers is higher as compared to the previous years papers

5. The questions are comparatively long to understand and solve; So it may take longer. Hence, students may have time constraints.

Based on this analysis, MTG realized that there is a great need for the students to follow the CBSE Sample Papers practice material to improve their paper solving skills. mtg released Get more than 10 sample papers for CBSE Class 10th & 12th Term-1 Exams. book includes 9 sample papers based on blueprint released by CBSE for practice and official sample paper Issued by CBSE. The answers to the sample question papers are given in the book itself.

To practice and prepare the student in an exam like environment, the book also provides OMR sheet After each sample question paper.

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Curated on the basis of sample papers inside the book Competency-Based Education (CBE). Various types of multiple choice questions, including Case-Based MCQs And Assertion-Reason Based MCQs, have been provided in the book for adequate practice of the students.

Everyone strategizes to do their best under the guidance of experts. Here, we are sharing some strategic insights so that you can avoid making silly mistakes during the exam.

1. Understand the exam paper thoroughly.

For complete practice of questions asked in Term-1 CBSE Exams and to get a comprehensive understanding of the practical approach and concept of OMR sheet filling, get your hands on MTG Score Over 10 Sample Question Paper Duration-1. If you have learned your subjects honestly, then ScoreMore 10 Sample Papers Term-1 Will ensure your success in the examination.

2. Don’t waste too much time.

do not forget; The duration of Term-1 exam is only 90 minutes and the number of questions can be between 35 – 60. So, you have to attempt questions according to your exam.


Being based on MCQs, in Term-1 exams, there can be a possibility that more questions will be asked from chapter text as well as chapter end exercises. To ensure that you study each and every line of the NCERTs and attempt each and every question, we suggest you solve your MTG objective type NCERTs. Fingertips & MTG 100% Exam Preparation CBSE Board Term 1. The book contains a wide variety of MCQs including Chapter wise MCQs, Case-based MCQs and Assertion-Reason based MCQs.

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3. keep revising

We tend to forget things that we won’t revise regularly. Therefore, revising the concepts, which you are already doing, is an integral part of your performance enhancement strategy. Solving the papers will help you to manage time and analyze which chapter you cannot perform well. But, revising the concepts regularly will assure both excellence and good performance. Keep revising and improving your weak areas of the subjects. To ensure that you do not miss a single line of NCERT, you can completely rely on MTG’s NCERT at your fingertips. Plus, to prepare for vitals, you can take the help of MTG’s 100 Percent Series.

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4. Time Management – Prioritize your efforts.

Start incorporating this exercise into your preparation strategy so that prioritizing by the time of your exam becomes a habit. Solving the questions in which you are fastest and then solving more time consuming questions later will ensure a good score in your exam.

There is no negative marking in the paper so don’t leave any question blank. Finally, for all questions that you marked as “don’t know the answer”, fill in the most likely answer.

5. Practice filling the OMR sheet.

This is the most important step while answering the OMR sheet-based exam. Students usually make mistakes and thus are left with poor performance despite knowing all the answers. Some common errors are as follows:

  • Some of the students mark all the answers in the question paper and then finally lack time to mark them in the OMR sheet.
  • Some students mark the answers all at once but forget to leave the bubble in the OMR sheet where they leave the question and hence mark the wrong answers.
  • Some students in a hurry mark the wrong option in the OMR even after knowing the correct answer.

So, here we suggest the correct way to mark the answers in the OMR sheet. Divide the question papers into 3-4 parts. Like, first solve 15 questions, write their answers on paper and then mark them carefully in OMR. Then, choose the next fifteen questions and repeat the activity and so on. For the last lot, mark the answer one by one.

All the students of class 10th and 12th will appear in the objective type test for the first time. Therefore, all the tips mentioned in the article will be of great use. We suggest students to try and do repetition cycles of revision and complete exercises sample letter to get excellent marks in period 1.

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Best wishes for your exam.

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