Chandigarh Ration Card List 2021 Apply Online, Check Status, Process

Chandigarh Ration Card List 2021 Apply Online, Check Status, Process can be checked from this page as all the procedures are discussed in detail. Complete information about Chandigarh Ration Card List 2021, please note. We are in detail all the information about ration card types, process, status, and how to apply etc. Stay tuned with us for more details and bookmark the website to get all the latest updates.

Chandigarh Ration Card List 2021

Ration for ration card is provided at a time when ration for ration is made available. Such detailed description is the Government of Chandigarh. As well as Food and Supplies Department work environment. For this you can also do on online channel. All the members of the ration card can survive, be they upper caste, or they are.

It can be placed on the portal to stay in Chandigarh. You can apply on this French city portal. For this a ration card is necessary, useful utilities, in the latter case it is imperative that it be cured and then recovered. admission admission:

Types of Chandigarh Ration Card 2021

Ration Card Type Type :-

  • AAY [Antyodya Anna Yojna]
  • ay [Annapurna Yojna]
  • apl [Above Poverty Line]
  • below the poverty line [Below Poverty Line]
  • AAY [Antyodya Anna Yojna]:- This ration card is for the people, they are stable i Movie unemployed, widows, landless labourers, marginal farmers etc. You will get this information for ration card. .
  • ay [Annapurna Yojna]:- These are included in the ration card and they are not related to internet in any way. Anyone must belong to the old age pension scheme. Also, get 35 kg by this ration card.
  • apl [Above Poverty Line]:- These ration cards are unmanned. Varies from 1 lakh. You will not get pleasure in this ration card.
  • below the poverty line [Below Poverty Line]:- This ration card poor are also poor. I want less than 10,000. Movie, 25 kg rice and 1 kg.

Chandigarh Ration Card

chandigarh ration card subsidized items

By ration card, item by item, at these rates:-

ration Rs./kg
wheat 3 per kg
oil 9.02 per liter
rice 6.02 per kg
sugar 13.05 per kg

Eligibility Criteria for Chandigarh Ration Card 2021

To apply ration card, as follows:-

  • your first ever for ration card applicable No, you can apply.
  • for ration card applicable Permanent to Chandigarh Residence are coming.
  • Your income is not covered by APL/BPL.
  • your nationality indian

Documents Required for Chandigarh Ration Card 2021

For ration card, which are as follows:-

  • Aadhar Card
  • voter id card
  • electricity bill
  • water bill
  • income certificate
  • bank passbook
  • family member photo
  • proof of residence
  • date of birth proof
  • Other documents, etc.

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How to Apply Online for Chandigarh Ration Card 2021?

  1. Firstly on the official website.
  2. in home pageapply new ration cardClick ‘.
  3. Next page later”new ration card application formClick on
  4. Then fill your complete details.
  5. after filling submitted have to click.
  6. Completely enrolled, with reference number, save one.

How to check online application status in Chandigarh Ration Card 2021?

  1. To check the status, first click on this link to click on.
  2. in home page ‘otherClick ‘.
  3. To start your two o’clock option,”ration card search” have to be clicked.
  4. later on the home pageFind Your Ration Card ApplicationClick on
  5. Afterwards complete the next page on the screen.
  6. in that,’Ration card application for other requestClick ‘.
  7. Then you have to fill your application number.
  8. enter number continue Click on
  9. Your application status opens on your screen.

How to Check Chandigarh Ration Card List 2021 Online?

  1. To check the list, visit the online portal.
  2. later first in home page other Click on ‘Later’ration card search Click PR.
  3. The next page will open on the screen.
  4. in that,find ration card with fpsClick on
  5. After clicking enter your district, ward, block, municipality.
  6. fill Click Search Later.
  7. Later the list will open, you can check your name by getting all the details.

Complete information about Chandigarh Ration Card 2021 will be big in our article, hopefully get all the details. If you have any query regarding this then you can message us in the comment section, we will definitely answer you soon.

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