[CISCE Sem 1 Boards] Chapter-wise Topic-wise Mock Test, Additional Specimen Papers Released! Exam Tips Announced!


With the semester 1 term exams approaching, every student is getting worried. Earlier, updates were released for CBSE board exams. But recently, sample sample papers have been released for ICSE, ISCE board exams also.

Students need to answer a good number of MCQ questions in the time limit of 60 minutes only, and it has popped into the mind of the students. One cannot say anything for sure about the exam, but with your practice and focus, you can surely excel in the board exam. To boost your practice for the upcoming exams, you can take the help of Oswal ICSE ISC MCQ Combined Sample Question Papers for Semester 1 Board Exam 2021-22 for adequate extra preparation.

This book is dedicatedly designed for November-December Semester 1 examinations consisting of sample papers of all subjects under one roof. With this book, you will get enough solved and unsolved sample paper papers to practice. Apart from this, you will also get the OMR sheet along with the sample papers to get the real taste of the exam. Even if you are stuck somewhere, you can refer MCQ questions with proper explanations, on-tip notes, mind maps and mnemonics to give a broader dimension to your preparation.

If you are struggling hard to find ways to excel in board exams, then below are some useful tips that you can use to attempt your MCQ-based board exams.


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1. Real-time Exam Practice Tips

While attempting the MCQ-based test, make sure you go through the question paper thoroughly with proper instructions. By reading the question paper thoroughly, you should categorize the questions into three categories i.e. easy, difficult and difficult. When you have attempted the easy questions, spend a lot of time on the difficult ones and think logically how you can reach the answer.

There are many examples that you’ll find the two options closely related, but if you approach them logically, you’ll get closer to the answer. Lastly, give time to tough questions and approach them logically. Try to make connections between the alternatives and then approach them logically. This will help you solve tough questions as well.

2. MCQs Sample Paper Release (Why this is a score booster and a big update?)

Additional ICSE ISC MCQs Sample Paper for Class 10th & 12th Semester 1 Board Exam 2021-22 is compiled in Oswal Books with the help of highly qualified teachers and ICSE ISC experts, which includes all subjects combined for class 10th. As 12th class students.

  • With this, you will get the exposure to solve ample pool of MCQs which will eventually help on the day of the exam.
  • This will help you understand your weak points, and you can work on them within the remaining time frame. This will help you to practice the subject where you are lacking or you are weak.
  • Covers all the latest typologies of MCQs.
  • OMR sheet will be provided after each sample paper
  • It also includes mind maps and chapter-wise important pointers so that any MCQs can be solved easily.
  • It contains academically important questions for ICSE ISC Semester 1 Board Exam 2021-22.
  • You can also scan the QR code for video-based hybrid learning.
  • Includes cognitive learning tools (mnemonics for accelerated learning, mind maps for correlated learning), blended learning through concept videos
  • Contains MCQ questions from official question banks of the board
  • Most probable MCQs from CISCE Boards Previous Years Solved Papers Top Weightage Question

Here is the recommended link for ICSE MCQs Sample Paper for Class 10 Semester 1 Board Exam 2021-22: https://bit.ly/2YpXNpl

ISC MCQs Sample Paper for Class 12 Semester 1 Board Exam 2021-22: https://bit.ly/3mscLUq

3. Learn How to Eliminate Options

MCQs test your recall value, comprehension and your knowledge to apply the logic you have learned. So, while attempting the MCQ-based paper, try to eliminate the options at first. There is very less chance that you will face direct questions in the paper. So, to tackle the new questions which may be related to some other concept, try to eliminate the options. You can do tests that are closer to the answer and try to apply logic to get the correct answer to the question.

4. Manage Time Well

Managing time well is one of the pre-requisites for MCQ-based papers. You need to solve all the questions in 60 minutes, so you must practice to maintain speed and accuracy. Make sure that you should not spend more than 1-2 minutes to solve each question. Doing this will leave you nervous at the last minute as there will be a lot of questions left if you are stuck on a particular question. Here is the time management chart


While studying in ICSE ISC Semester 1 Board Exam, we need to categorize the MCQs into easy, difficult and difficult. Then we can attempt the exam in ascending order of difficulty level. While attempting difficult MCQs be careful to solve them with patience as they may be very closely related to the answer choices. In that, we need to apply our logic and choose the correct answer.

5. Don’t Quit

With MCQ exams, the syllabus is already reduced, so you cannot afford to skip some chapters or topics for the exam. You never know what type of question you will face in the exam, and it may be from the topic or chapter that you have skipped. So, you must study calmly and leave nothing for your board exams.

Unless you want to bother your board for those questions which you knew but could not attempt due to time constraints, you must learn to manage your time. Improve your speed (if you are slow) and solve the questions within the time limit. Analyze how much time you need for each type of question.

6. Solve Mock Papers, Practice Chapter-wise, Subject-wise

When you practice the sample papers, you will check your preparation in a time bound manner. This will ultimately help you to score well in your exam. Practice as many sample papers as you can. When you are done with all the preparation, practicing sample papers will be an eye-opener to see where you are lacking and how you can improve it.

Chapter-Wise Subject-Wise Oswal ICSE MCQs Question Bank for Class 10 & 12 Semester 1 Board Exam 2021-22 Prepare for the exam is one of the study resources you can choose from. It contains largest MCQ question pool with all typologies of MCQs in chapter-wise topic-wise format. It also includes cognitive and blended learning tools for accelerated learning and improves memorization

final thoughts

If you want to score well in your semester one board exam, then you need to prepare well and put all your hard work and dedication in it. The above tips will also give you an edge over each other for your preparation. If you are appearing for Semester 1 Board Exam then you can follow these tips to score well. Also if you get ICSE ISC Combined Sample Question Paper Semester 1 Board Exam 2021 . For, then it will be like the cherry on top of the cake for your preparation. So, hurry up and get the book to make your preparation journey even more spectacular.

Disclaimer: Content Produced by Oswal Books

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