Committed to Their Vows and Each Other

In the coming years, especially since the arrival of their children, life, they both said, has become a different kind of adventure.

“We grew up working together, merging two families, them and mine, into one family before we start building a family that belongs to us,” said Ms. Moore, who was born in Charlotte She was raised and raised in Raleigh.

Born in Tulsa, Mr. Matthews asked Ms. Moore to marry him at a restaurant in St. Louis, which he had lived in the city, shortly before her wedding.

He needed a little help from his friends to get the job done.

He received the help of two friends from Tulsa. To assist with the logistics, and two more characters were brought together – both were stuffed long before the appetizers were served to help the proposal.

Mr. Matthews extricated himself from the dinner table and returned soon after with the Build-A-Bear couple, one stuffed in a red dress and the other in a black suit, the same attire worn by the couple, so that Mr. When Matthews arrived on the scene, he could introduce the bear to Ms. Moore.

“I was stunned,” Moore said. “I had never seen anything like it.”

When Mr. Matthews squeezed the bear’s right paw in a black suit, he said in a message: “Jessica Moore, will you marry me?”

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