Complete information about the tremendous advantages and disadvantages of drinking milk(Dudh ke interactions/Benefits of milk)

Friends, milk is the only thing that alone is equal to a complete diet and this is the reason that the first thing that is given to the born children as food is milk because if you drink milk. If we look at the quality of milk properly, it is not less than any nectar, but if we use the best of the good things in the wrong way, then instead of benefiting us, it causes harm.

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What is milk(Milk in hindi)

Milk is a mineral product because we get from any living creature and everything that we get from living beings has very high tendencies to do chemical reaction due to which the wrong amount of milk and If used incorrectly, problems like indigestion, sour belching, gas, constipation, heartburn and even skin allergies can start.

Therefore, it is very important to know about the right amount of milk, the right time to drink it and what are the benefits and what are the disadvantages of drinking milk mixed with it. That’s why in today’s article, we will know that how much milk can be drunk in a day. People who gain weight and lose weight with the right time to drink milk, when to use milk. And how should I do it? What should the milk be like? That is, feel hot or cold or should be cow’s milk, which people should and should not use milk and what are the benefits and what are the disadvantages of consuming milk mixed with which things. There are. Especially milk should be eaten with banana and milk should be eaten with eggs or not.

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How much milk can be drunk in a day

For that we have to first know what happens in milk and in which problem it benefits. Friends, milk is rich in nutrients, so by using it properly and at the right time, besides increasing the brain power while correcting the digestion process, there is no increase in weight, problems like osteoporosis, constipation, sleeplessness at night. Along with providing benefits, it also helps in improving the skin, hair and education health to a great extent.

Milk has the highest amount of calcium, protein and vitamin D. 200 ml of milk contains about 257 mg of calcium and our body needs 1000 mg to 12 hundred mg of calcium in a day, then if Accordingly, it is enough to consume one to two glasses of milk daily. The rest of the calcium and vitamin D we get from other food also. But if you do gym or any more strenuous work then a small amount of milk can be increased.

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What is the right time to drink milk.

Although milk can be used at any time, but consuming milk in the night time proves to be most beneficial because the amino acid named kheer is found in milk which helps the brain. It helps a lot in getting a good sleep by calming down and also clears the stomach openly in the morning.

Some people are confused in using milk on an empty stomach in the morning. Children can also use milk on an empty stomach in the morning, but people who are allergic to lactose and often have problems with constipation, indigestion and gas, then they should not use milk on an empty stomach at all because milk ( Milk) is a bit heavy to digest and consuming it on an empty stomach makes our digestive system work very hard.

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How to drink milk. hot or cold?

Cow’s or buffalo’s milk should always be lukewarm, because milk is a bit heavy to digest anyway, but when we drink cold milk or milk kept in the fridge. If we drink it, it becomes more heavy and it is not able to digest properly by going to our stomach, due to which our body does not get the full benefit of the nutrients present in milk.

Milk should be of cow or buffalo milk.

Calcium is found in plenty in both milks, but buffalo milk contains more fat and calories than cow’s milk. Therefore, those who want to increase weight should use only buffalo milk.

On the other hand, the amount of fat in cow’s milk is less, hence it is also light to digest. Milk is also very healthy from the point of view of health and strength, so those who do not want to gain weight or want to lose weight, then they should consume cow’s milk only.

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With what things and when should you drink milk and when not to drink it?

Friends, as I have already told that we get milk from living beings, so the amount of hormones inside and amino acids is high in it, so most of the food reacts quickly with the food, so that the milk can be used properly. It is not digested and the benefits of milk also become zero.

Therefore, even the smallest mistake made by us in drinking milk can turn the benefits of milk into losses. First let’s talk about when milk should not be drunk. It is often seen that people drink milk immediately after having dinner.

From the nutritional point of view, milk itself is equal to one meal and if we drink milk immediately after eating food, it means that we eat two meals at a time. Due to which one starts feeling heaviness as well as problems like acidity, flatulence and indigestion start. Therefore always use milk. It should be done at least two hours after a meal and half an hour before sleeping.

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Number Two Citrus Fruits Junk Food This house does not mix with salty and spicy things like citrus fruits lemon oranges and more salty things like mix pickles and junk food, due to which milk does not mix at all. If these things are consumed with or after drinking milk, then it slows down the digestion process very much after getting into our stomach.

Due to which problems like indigestion, heaviness, gas bloating, sour belching, weakness and abdominal pain start. Therefore, sour fruits, salty and more spicy things should not be consumed at all before or after with milk. Some people use milk by making shakes with apples or bananas. If you do not have digestion problems, then apple or banana can be used with milk, but if Ayurveda is to be believed, then milk itself is a bit heavy.

Which takes about 90 minutes to digest and when we mix milk with any fruit, it becomes even more dominant, which our digestive system has to work very hard to digest and we One more mistake we do is that we use cold milk in making shake and at the same time we mix sugar in it which is by no means a right option at all.

The cooling of milk makes the milk even more heavy and adding sugar to the milk destroys the nutrients of the milk to a great extent. Milk itself contains a natural sugar called lactose which makes milk sweet. But if you want to sweeten the milk separately, honey, mishri, desi khand or jelly powder can be used instead of sugar.

A gap of two to three hours must be kept between milk and other food and a gap of at least half an hour between milk and sweet fruits. Number three with milk, ie with meat, fish and eggs, it is said that if fish is consumed before or after with milk, then there is a disease like coderma on the skin. Although it is not fully proven yet, but still it cannot be ignored because even one reason for having white spots on the skin is not yet fully proven scientifically and our elders can also drink milk with milk. Always refuse to eat fish.

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It is another matter that many of us often consider their words to be nonsense because they are not able to explain us properly the reason for anything. But if you think deep down, then most of his talks relate to the reality of our life. Therefore, it is better that milk and fish should not be used together and if food is to be eaten, then a gap of at least two to three hours must be kept between these two.

If you do not have problems with digestion, then milk can be used with meat or eggs, but it is also worth noting that both meat and milk are found in very high amounts of protein. Due to which it slows down the digestion process and it takes a long time to get digested. Therefore, consuming milk with non-veg is not a good option at all and if you consume brinjal or raw onion in food, then it also increases the quality of milk. Therefore, a gap of at least two to three hours must be kept between milk non-veg and other food.

Milk can be eaten with curd

Yogurt contains bacteria called lactobacillus which causes milk to freeze in curd and when we consume curd and milk together, the process of curdling of milk starts in our stomach itself. Due to which our digestive system gets completely confused and there are problems in digestion. Therefore curd should not be consumed with milk at all.

Who should not drink milk

People who have a major wound on their body or have recently had surgery, they should not use milk at all for a few days because the wounds do not dry up due to continuous use of milk. This problem has to be faced continuously and people who are allergic to lactose or who always have the problem of acne and pimples on the face, they should also use milk in small quantity and their quantity gradually depending on the response of the body. should increase

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this article”Complete information about the tremendous advantages and disadvantages of drinking milk(Dudh Peene ke interactions)“Thank you so much for reading I hope. That you must have got to know a lot new from this article.

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