Completely Cashless Casinos Coming Due to Coronavirus

Cashless gaming machine technology has been around for decades, and now cashless casinos may be the new normal in a corona virus world. The Nevada Gaming Commission will now review changes to the rules for electronically transferring money to games or gaming devices.

Currently, regulations allow customers to transfer money from a debit card to a game or gaming device, but very few properties have the licensed systems. Sandra Douglass Morgan, chair of the Gaming Control Board, said the language changes codify what already exists. The cashless systems are subject to additional requirements in the technical standards of the board.

The Vice President of Strategic Alliances at the American Gaming Association provided research that could convince leading gaming companies to make progress. He said 57 percent of casino visitors last year said digital or no contact payments on the casino floor were important to them due to the COVID 19 pandemic. Another 59 percent of casino customers said they were less likely to use cash in their daily lives due to coronavirus concerns.

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