Covid-Linked Syndrome in Children Is Growing and Cases Are More Severe

“We are now getting more of these MIS-C children, but this time, it seems that a high percentage of them are actually seriously ill,” said Dr. Head of Infectious Diseases at Children’s National Hospital in Washington. During the first wave of the hospital, D.C. required treatment for about half of the patients in the intensive care unit, said Roberta DeBisi, but now 80 to 90 percent do.

The reasons are unclear. Surge follows the overall spike of Kovid cases in the United States after the winter holiday season, and more cases may increase the likelihood of serious disease emergence. So far, there is no evidence that recently Coronavirus version Are responsible, and experts say it is too early to speculate about any effect on the syndrome.

The condition remains rare. Latest number from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 2,060 cases occurred in 48 states, 30 deaths in Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia. The average age was 9, but infants aged 20 have suffered. The data, which is only completed by mid-December, shows that the rate of cases has been increasing since mid-October.

While most young people, even those who became seriously ill, have survived and gone home in a relatively healthy state, doctors are unsure whether anyone will suffer heart disease or other problems.

“We don’t really know what will happen in the long term,” Dr. Jeanne Ballweg, medical director of pediatric heart transplant and advanced heart failure at Children’s Hospital & Medical Center in Odaha, Neb., Where from April to October. The hospital treated about two cases a month, about 30 percent of them in ICUs which rose to 10 percent in December and 12 percent in January, with 60 percent requiring ICU care – with the most needing ventilators. “Frankly, they look more sick,” she said.

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