Culinary Workers Union lawsuit to sue Las Vegas Strip casino firms

In southern Nevada and at the local branch of the Culinary Workers Union, reports have been announced to file a lawsuit against “major Las Vegas Strip casino companies” for allegations that they have not adequately protected their workforce from the coronavirus pandemic.

According to a Saturday report by the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the union’s Local 226 branch represents approximately 60,000 casino employees in the cities of Las Vegas and Reno with their upcoming complaint about alleged injunctive relief under the auspices of labor management Relations Act of 1947.

Critical claims:

The Las Vegas Review Journal reported that the Culinary Workers Union also claims that its members “dangerous working conditions“During the outbreak that has killed approximately 500 people in The Silver State, due to the procedures and rules some casino companies have put in place to counter the highly contagious disease”completely and dangerously inadequate. “

Delinquent defense:

The newspaper reported that the union’s legal action will also claim that the undisclosed plaintiffs failed toProperly warn, disinfect, and quarantine workers“After other team members tested positive for corona virus and applied for a court order that would force the casino operators introduce improved protocols to ensure “safety for all hotel and game workers in Nevada”.

Contemporary consideration:

The culinary workers’ union in turn used its own Saturday press release to announce that itKeep track of what casino employers are doing to prevent this from happening“The spread of corona viruses in a number of areas, including daily room cleaning and the provision of protective equipment and regular test services. The union said that it decided to file a lawsuit after these efforts pointed out that many of these companiesdidn’t protect workers, their families, and their communityFrom the infection with the potentially deadly virus.

Read a statement from the Culinary Workers Union …

“The culinary workers union has been asking all customers to wear masks in public spaces since the beginning of May. A mandatory mask directive is a good step towards protecting workers and the hotel industry in Nevada, but much more needs to be done. After working for more transparency for months, we are pleased that most of the major gaming companies have posted their corona virus security plans on their publicly available websites. ”

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