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We know that in 1916 Albert Einstein’s world famous theory,
The theory of relativity was published. Which forced the universe and space to be seen from a different perspective. This theory’s could explain every event in the universe in a very precise way.

But not just one thing. That thing was an art mystery of the time. We are talking about the blackhole that Einstein believed that these are such rare objects. Whose gravity is so high that it can pull all the objects that come under its purview.

Dark matter

Dark matter का इतिहास (history of Dark matter )

In 1967, these rare objects were named blackhole by Flex Wheeler. Today blackhole is a topic of discussion for all of us science lovers. Very few people know that after the publication of Einstein’s theory, what was in the hands of a Swiss astronomer Fritz Zwicky. He will later be one of the biggest mysteries of the universe.

After years of research, Dr. Fritz just made a small statement. In which he claimed that the matter we see in the universe

Apart from that invisible matter also exists in our universe, about which we do not know anything. This invisible matter that the number is many times more than the number of those matter. which we can see. His claim blew the world’s senses.

A satellite is orbiting a planet in the universe. but why?
We know that this rotation is happening due to the gravity of the satellite planet. But the satellite can revolve around that planet only up to a maximum speed. If the speed becomes more then that satellite will come out of the gravity of that planet.

This observation is very important because we can know by keeping this thing in mind. That the stars which are revolving in a distant galaxy. What is their maximum speed? And after knowing this, it can be estimated that what will be the total mass of that galaxy. Due to which he is able to keep all the stars in his gravitational field.

Dr.zwicky found out in research that this galaxy is spinning about 100 times faster than its mass. This was astonishing. Which was indicating that there is some magic thing which has increased the mass of the whole galaxy.

Because of which the stars and solar system of the galaxy are rotating 100 times faster. Zwicky named this magical and invisible thing dark matter kept.
Because we can only feel the evidence of the existence of this matter. Can’t see Dr.zwicky believed that the number of this dark matter must have been very high at the beginning of the universe. Therefore, the stars of that time would have used dark matter instead of hydrogen atom. for energy.

These stars can be billions of times bigger than today’s stars. Which he named dark star. Dark stars can only be those stars. Which today has become a supermassive blackhole in the middle of the galaxy, these observations were suppressed in the paper’s at that time.

Then a few years later in 1970, two astronomers tried to measure the rotation speed of the Andromeda galaxy and then it was found. This fact has been proved by seeing that the stars are rotating at a much higher speed than their calculated speed. That the galaxy has many times more mass. who stars us

Or it is not visible as any other shiny thing. Later it came to love that it is the same with all other galaxies as well. and then this dark matter A real truth came before the world.

Scientists believe that dark matter It is 26% of the entire universe while our atomic matter is only 4%. We need to know that it does not interact with any matter, just shows its effect through gravity.

Earlier scientists were thinking that these dark matter may have been made of neutrinos, but later calculations showed that the number of neutrinos is 1million times less than the number of electrons. Feather dark matter So it is 100 times more than matter, thinking of many such possibilities, all the claims of scientists failed. And we got the idea. That this thing is something that science cannot understand today.

But considering dark matter as the only mystery of the universe dark energy There will be injustice with him. And this thing was well known by the team of scientists, Saul Perlmutter. When he was studying stars and their supernova in 1998.

In the stars, if the maas get fit in their core to a limit. So it gets blasted. Due to which it glows like a firecracker for some time. While studying 42 such supernova, he made a wonderful discovery. That the brightness of these stars is gradually decreasing. And the rays of light are becoming red shift.

Which was indicating that our universe is expanding. This discovery was a great discovery. Who got the Nobel Prize for Perl Mutter. But the big question that was plaguing science. Why and how is this happening. Which later scientists dark energy given name.

कुछ scientists dark energy is considered to be the property of space. And it is said that there is space.. It is such that it will keep expanding itself.

So friends, thank you very much for reading this article. I hope That you must have got to know a lot new from this article.

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