Detroit Tigers sign deal with PointsBet

The first MLB to work with a sports betting provider are the Detroit Tigers. The Michigan baseball team has just announced a multi-year contract with sports betting provider PointsBet. From this season on, PointsBet will add signs to sports betting in Comerica Park, which will also be seen on the Tigers Radio Network and on the live streaming show.

Working together:

The deal is the first time MLB team will work with a sports betting brand, one of many that will come at the beginning of the MLB season as the Covid 19 pandemic continues. Along with promoting the brand on the stadium, on the radio and on the streaming show, PointsBet is also integrated into the team District Detroit app.

Ilitch Holdings is the company that represents the Tiger. The group’s president, Chris Granger, said that Tiger fans will enjoy the PointsBet personalized platform as it offers unique experiences and innovative offers.

PointsBet has access to the official MLB data and the right to use Detroit League brands and logos in its sports betting products. PointsBet CEO Johnny Aitken sees the value of the league and explains to ESPN that he sees baseball as the most controversial sport in terms of betting innovation.

In 2019, PointsBet offered services in the United States Betting on individuals on bats during major league baseball games. Players could bet on whether a batsman will drop out or hit a home run.

Partnership with the NBA:

The deal with the MLB isn’t the first division that PointsBet signed a contract this year. In February the brand signed a contract with the National Basketball Association (NBA)should act as the official sports betting provider for the league.

Similar to the MLB deal, PointsBet will integrate its brand into the NBA’s social media channels and use statistics and analytics to give fans real-time insight so they can make quality predictions with NBA betting.

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