Does Anyone Wear Pantyhose Anymore?

Pantyhose – or stockings or nylon or tights, which are not really similar things, but are often used interchangeably – are one of those items of dress that seem effortless and insignificant, but are actually a huge generational, commercial And cultural is the lightning rod. For women of a certain age, they are a part of stirring themselves up for the world in a way; For others, they violate the rules of gender oppression and gender of the old times.

They are not really waistbands or crinolines, but they are descendants of that genetic line: the undergarments push on women to cover their bodies and make them “acceptable” to outsiders. They, of course, help keep your feet warm and may prevent skirts from cluttering, but this is a trade-off.

In fact, if you ever want to start a lively discussion during a lull at a dinner party, raise the question of pantyhose. Even when they are invisible or skin-tone, no one is neutral on the subject.

Just consider, if you will, the case of Megan Markle. Just after her wedding, while she was still a sign of change within the royal family and expectations were high for modernization, she was at her new in-laws ‘Prince Charles’ 70th birthday party with an ivory dress, matching cap and yellow hose Appeared! Internet get excited, Seeing many viewers in tights is a sign that he was being stifled, as if his legs were stifled.

In fact, there were a lot of rumors that tights Royal protocolIn part, because the Duchess of Cambridge, like her grandmother, always wears them. A few months after appearing tights, Ms. Markle attended a charity performance in a tuxedo minidress and … never mind! The revolution, Was watching the happy crowd.

Whatever the truth of the royal issue, the import was very clear: stockings are not modern.

Pantyhose is not really a necessary part of one’s wardrobe while working at home, as it has fallen into an epidemic. And in fact, before many of us remote work became a reality, most offices had dropped the requirement (bid or not) for pantyhose at work.

Exceptions are flight attendants. For many of them, pantyhose are still part of the uniform – see Callie Cuoco in “The Flight Attendant” on HB Max – in part because compression in a few pairs helps with circulation at altitude.

Having said that, designers love to reorganize and reassure previously discarded clothing, so authority over Q stocking is on the rise in a wide variety of collections. Virginie Viard placed sheer polka-dot versions on its runway for the fall of 2020; They were there in St. Laurent in lace; And this week Kim Jones showed a big black pair at her Fendi show.

Which all means: it’s up to you. But understand what message the outside world can read in your choice.

If you choose to go with the hose, some brands to consider include Hipstick And Commando, Both are Hollywood crowd favorites. (Yes, there’s a lot of hosiery on the red carpet.) Nubian skin Offers a wide variety of colors that really work for the true variety of skins. For agility Wolf, Which is the Duchess of Cambridge Go-Two brand. Finally, on the more economical end of the scale, there is Now hanes, Which is a top-seller on Amazon.

And know this: The sheer nylon and tights segment of the global hosiery market is Predicted to rise 2.1 percent over the next seven years. So whatever, politics is not moving away from pantheos.

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