Does Your Online Program Assure a Job?

Learners need to make informed decisions before investing time and energy in online learning


India has emerged as a hotbed for online learning. Driven by the dawn of technological advances, digital learning is acting as a change catalyst, helping learners to bridge the gaps in institutional education. According to the LinkedIn Workforce Survey Index, 86% of Indian Millennials are motivated to pursue subject matter expertise in a new age domain. Learners should make an informed choice while investing in virtual learning programs and only enlist for such online certifications that offer a good bundle to enhance the professional profile.

To make this choice easier, NIIT, a leading skill development association has launched a series of online programs to synthesize a future ready generation of workers. Their programs are modeled on an intensive-skills pedagogy that refines learner skills and positions program graduates with assured placement in modern workplaces. Considering the seasonal nature of skills nowadays, NIIT promotes cross-over specialization by enhancing the employability of the learners. Their programs showcase all aspects of an ideal online course that we’ll talk about in the next section.


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6 Features to Look for in Online Programs

There are several factors you should consider before you get your foot on the right online upskilling program. Let us explore some of the metrics that make up the checklist.

brand reputation

According to a 2020 survey by the OECD, 30% of Indians aged 15-29 are neither enrolled in online education nor skill training nor employment. With the ups and downs of promotional campaigns, it is becoming increasingly difficult for students to identify authentic brands. Also, NIIT has a rich history of developing mass market programs for beginner, mid-level professionals and C-suite stakeholders. It has won several Brandon Hall Awards, outlining its motto as a student-centered organization. With a legacy of 40 years dating back to 1981, the new age programs by NIIT are backed by Placement Assurance, which brings us to our next point.


placement assurance

Big programs are infamous for putting a dent in pockets. Every student deserves to be compensated for such high investment through stable jobs. A study by Pearson showed that 77% of students have reconsidered their career options due to the pandemic. When turning to e-learning platforms, students should (at least) cross-check whether the courses are supported by job placements.

NIIT ensures that eligible students graduating from advanced level programs are assured of placements. It has a deep network of 800+ hiring partners who rely on NIIT as a recruitment hub for future ready talent. Such associations strengthen NIIT’s foothold in the industry as a premium incubator for corporate professionals. A testament to this is the fact that NIIT recorded 100% placements for Q1 in 2021.


Minimum CTC Assurance

Empirical evidence suggests that Indians prefer job stability rather than high wages. However, wouldn’t it be great if the job aspirants could achieve both? While assured placements provide a safety net to the students, the promise of minimum CTC brings transparency in the conversation. Even before applying to an advanced level program at NIIT job seekers can find out what the minimum wage will be offered. Anything above is a plus. Be it digital marketing or fintech, deserving students get a chance to start their career at a competitive salary range.


study content

Automation is affecting business sectors at an unprecedented pace. Continuous learning appears to be the new normal as a vast workforce struggles to stay relevant with replaceable competencies. The concept of new age online programs of NIIT is on top of with the changing nature of technology.

NIIT has a range of online programs in cloud computing, cyber security, data science, machine learning, game development, 5G and digital marketing. The learning enthusiasts are brought up to industry standards with curriculum designed by the experienced faculty of NIIT. The courses are divided into several phases that target job-ready specializations with practical projects.


capstone projects

The consensus holds that combining practical with theory enhances the retention capacity of students. Considering the challenge of distractions in distance learning, value-added work is needed for students to learn productively. NIIT takes care of this experiential aspect with relevant projects that simulate the challenges of the job. Incumbents receive personalized feedback that refines learning outcomes with concrete results. This, combined with group study sessions and instructor-led, live online classes, provides an experience that gets better as the course progresses.


Alumni Network

There are around 3,500 ed-tech startups in India that have been incorporated only in recent memory. However, NIIT was established in 1981 and has relentlessly supported skill development with its technology-focused learning solutions. Since its inception, NIIT has been home to over 38 million learners, many of whom have earned the distinction of becoming C-Suite, corporate giants. It employs a unique teaching style that has contributed to its distinctive success and enabled it to win several Brandon Hall Awards.


Earn the Right Skills Assessment

NIIT’s online program lineup is for future-ready skill-sets that positions students in suitable job roles through placement assistance. Depending on the program and their experience, eligible candidates* get a chance to earn a salary in the range of Rs.3 LPA – Rs.8 LPA. If you are looking for an online course to replace your resume, NIIT definitely ticks the right box.

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About NIIT

NIIT is a leading skill and talent development corporation building a manpower pool for global industry requirements. It ranks among the world’s leading training companies due to its vast and wide array of talent development programmes. With a footprint in over 30 countries, NIIT provides training and development solutions to individuals, enterprises and institutions. NIIT incubated, StackRoot, as a Digital Transformation Partner for Corporates to build multi-skilled Full Stack Developers at large scale.

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