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Hello , we are glad to have everyone in this latest post that we are publishing today. you’ve probably heard of the GB WhatsApp and it’s quite unlike the original WhatsApp If you would like to download the GB WhatsApp APK, you can do so here is the page for you. Keep an eye on the article. Today I am going provide you with all the details related to the GB WhatsApp including the benefits of and disadvantages of using the GB version of WhatsApp and the features of GB WhatsApp, the reasons to not use WhatsApp with GB WhatsApp and how can you install GB WhatsApp on your computers the WhatsApp GB Latest Version WhatsApp latest version Today, you will learn about everything you need to know in this article.

For all those that use Official WhatsApp, all those users must read this article and learn the details of the one GB WhatsApp, what are the unique features of it.

What is GB WhatsApp?

The GB WhatsApp Apk 2021 has a design identical to the official WhatsApp but with some additional features have been added and it is also possible to refer to it as an Mod Apk. Mod Apk applications are the moment an app developer alters its code and adds additional features to any official app.

If you’ve been able to see WhatsApp on a mobile phone of someone else’s the experience is different than your mobile WhatsApp because

You must use GB WhatsApp or alternative WhatsApp Mod Apks that are similar, which include GBWhatsApp, FM WhatsApp, Yo WhatsApp, Og WhatsApp, Royal Gold WhatsApp. There are various other variants of WhatsApp called etc. With this app, you can transform your existing WhatsApp to a new WhatsApp.

GB WhatsApp Features:

It is a popular app due to its unique feature. In it you can experience different types of features that aren’t included in WhatsApp’s official version. WhatsApp. We’ll tell you about a few of these unique features below, and in case you use the application, then you’ll be able to make use of these features.

  • Automatic Reply It can prove very useful for individuals who are under many time limitations or are in a hurry. They can use an auto Reply by using that, when a user contacts you, you are able to write his message in advance and, as soon as you receive a message, it will be sent to you.
  • DNDMany occasions it could be the case who are working on an important task or undertaking your homework and then suddenly you receive a message through your WhatsApp and you are forced to spend a significant amount of time on the mobile reviewing the message. It is then added. This is why you can utilize this feature in GB. it could happen that when you’re doing work from your phone and the internet is on, and even when you are not when someone contacts you during that moment. There will be no messages to your phone.
  • Send Maximum Images:According to the official WhatsApp policy, you are able to send 30 pictures to any one individual at any time however, if you are using the limit of GB which is available, you can send up to 90 photos at once. If you wish to send any type of video then you are able to send it up to 50MB . Likewise, If you wish to transmit any audio file, you can send 100 megabytes of audio files.
  • The Best Themes for WhatsApp: We do not have the option to make any changes to the interface on the official version of WhatsApp However, here, with GBs, we can download and install a variety of themes that are available on WhatsApp. With this you’ll already have various types of emojis downloaded in WhatsApp, which you are able to make use of while talking with your pals.
  • download WhatsApp StatusNow If we want to Download the latest WhatsApp Status, it is for that , we need to download an additional application. However, if you get the GB Application then there is no need to maintain any other Status Downloader Application and only by using this GBWhatsApp Appk Latest. It is possible to get all WhatsApp status at once and then you will no longer have to request status from anyone repeatedly.
  • Fantastic FontYou will know the fact that if you need to alter the font used in the chat in the chat, then we need to download and save an additional application which will contain ads that may need to be seen repeatedly and repeatedly. When you utilize GB in your mobilephone, you don’t need to download a font-changing application for this purpose within this application. You can see this option, where you can pick any font that you like in your preference. It is also possible to apply the font

In addition there are many other features to discover a variety of features of which we aren’t possible to talk about here since when we begin telling others about them, this article could be more extensive.

Download GBWhatsApp Latest APK

AGB WhatsApp Download Apk 2021 There’s no requirement to do many steps to download the GB WhatsApp on your mobile device, it is possible to download the most current version with just a click. For the first time, you must go to Google Chrome Browser in your smartphone and type download. Then, are a lot of websites that allow you access to downloading GBWhatsApp.

So you have to come to this website from the list of that search result and here you will get a download button, you just have to click on it, then after GB WhatsApp download in your mobile. It takes time and I’ve told you about the reason for this site since, on the rest of the site you will see a lot of ads . More than one downloading link provided, which means that it takes longer to download the GB of WhatsApp. There is a possibility of it happening.

After it is downloaded for installation, select its WhatsApp and click the Install button. it will then ask you to enable Unknown Sources until Unknown Sources isn’t activated on your phone. At that point, you can’t install any third Party Application.

To enable Unknown Sources, you are operating a mobile device belonging to any company by going to Settings after which you click the Security option, and then you’ll find Unknown Sources written there, then, after you click it, you will be able to discover any. You may as well install Third Party Application in your smartphone.

Computer’s GB WhatsApp: how to use

Friends, if you are also using computers more than mobile and vice versa, then in this scenario, you might want to utilize the app more frequently on your computers than mobile. If this is the case when you want to make use of GBWhatsApp to close WhatsApp and having it open on your laptop or computer and you want to do this, there is a straightforward method to do this, which you can try.

The first method is to use to use the Linked Device Feature of WhatsApp by using this feature, you can sign into WhatsApp using your mobile from any laptop or computer.

Another option is install GB WhatsApp within your PC itself However, the issue is that the GB WhatsApp is only designed to work with the Android Operating System, so it’s not compatible with the Windows Operating System or MAC Operating System. How do I use it .

In this case, it is an Android Emulator has been made for both Windows and Mac With the aid with which it is possible to use every Android Application in your Computer Laptop.

In order to do this, first download Bluestacks and after it’s installed on your computer, once you open the program it will display the interface for this program just like the interface of an Android Mobile.

In the same manner the way you downloaded on your mobile device, exactly the same way, download it to your computer too. In this way, you can download it to your laptop computer. I hope that all of you enjoy this method.

GB WhatsApp What are the negatives of using

You’ve probably heard about WhatsApp prohibits you from using only Official Apart from that, you shouldn’t utilize any other applications such as GB, FM, OG as well as WhatsApp Plus. It is also important to note that WhatsApp declares this since there are many reasons to this. It’s not completely safe for users and we are also advising you that you don’t use the type of app that WhatsApp offers.

Tell us about the negatives when using GB.

  • When you launch GBWhatsApp when you first sign up, they will ask you to grant permission to your contacts and files there following which all of your data is transferred to a different server , and it is also possible to be used to gain access to your personal information.
  • Whatever message you send when you chat with a person the other person is also reading the messages.
  • Most often, it is due to viruses such as Malware and Spyware that are found in these programs Your data could also be altered.
  • Official WhatsApp will be able to close the accounts of all users of the app at any time.

This is a disadvantage of using GB WhatsApp, yet you have also been making use of GB WhatsApp for a long duration, so remove it right now and download official WhatsApp on the Google Play Store and use it.

So friends, I am hoping that you have enjoyed reading the article we wrote, GB Download Kaise kare we’ve tried to give you all sorts of information regarding GB WhatsApp here. If you enjoyed our post, then you are free to send it to your acquaintances via Facebook Instagram and tell them about GB WhatsApp latest app thanks to all of you.

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