Encore Boston Harbor to furlough 3000 employees

As of July 1st, 3,000 additional employees will be released from Encore Boston Harbor. The casino has decided to reduce the number of employees because they want them to reopen during the COVID 19 pandemic. The Encore is the third casino in the state to recently fire or leave employees due to the effects of the virus.

Reduce employee numbers:

On Monday, Eric Kraus, head of public affairs at Encore Boston Harbor, explained this around 700 employees are currently in the staff. Once a reopening date is set, more employees will return to the company when they start training. As the business grows, even more employees will return. Managers who stay with the company will cut their salaries.

The vacation days are just another negative effect of the pandemic and the economic damage it caused. State officials have yet to announce how and when casinos can reopen, despite the fact that they are supposed to start working again Phase 3 of the reopening plan used by Governor Charlie Baker.

In a statement on Monday, the management of Encore said that when the property reopened, employees would be returned thoughtfully and moderately. Some of the workers associated with the reopened facilities and restaurants can work again.

Prepare for reopening:

When the Massachusetts casinos go back to work, they have to follow strict rules social distancing and hygiene. Just last week, the state gambling commission announced minimum standards that reopened casinos must follow. This includes limiting the number of slot machines offered. Poker, craps and roulette are not currently offered. Everyone on the field must wear masks, including guests and staff.

As soon as the Encore reopened, they offer casino games. You will move slowly to reopen restaurants and accommodations. The resort’s hotel will initially only be open for four days and offer limited service.

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