Eye Makeup

Eye Makeup: Eyes are the windows to the soul – that has always been true. Eyes often speak more than they eye. Take for example, the beautiful lady with downcast eyes. She may be older but she still has stunning beauty. The oisayelie is not beautiful however, she has very pretty eyes. But there is more to the beauty of a woman’s eyes than just beauty lies in her eyes.

The eyes are involved in many important functions in addition to telling us what the other person thinks of us. They are involved with the run way, catching and outing of particles and particles called tears. They are involved with mimicry and glycolysis. They are also involved with delivery of oxygen to the tissues and removal of carbon dioxide. That’s a lot of functions, so let’s just focus on eyelash maintenance.

Eye Makeup
Eye Makeup

1. The eyelashes are split and you should trim your lashes once a week.

Tip: If you are a mascara wearer try switching to bare Minerals mascara.

2. While under an eye make-up applicator, touch your eyelashes with a cotton swab and perhaps a Q-tip.

3. Am I saying ‘rained eyes’?

Probably not. But even if you have ‘rushed’ your eyelashes to the side, they can be set right again very easily with the proper eye makeup remover.

4. to keep your eyelashes in good condition, be sure of the following:

a. trim any rogue hairs from the base of the lashes.

b. coat your lashes with a good False Lashes or eyelash conditioner.

Learn how to keep your eyelashes well-moisturized by wearing good quality mascara, wearing the right type of eye make-up and avoiding the use of excessive eye make-up removers.

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The eyes are the windows to the soul – that’s what they say. Our eyes speak volumes about who we are, our nature. Colour and form overtones take on the light they cast. The eye is representative of the eye itself, it’s a part of us.

It’s easy to have beautiful eyes. Not everyone is born with amazing eyes, but factors such as; eye colour, hair tone and eye shape and size can be taken into account to give you beautiful eyes. Here’s some more factors to consider when choosing eye make-up.


If you’ve got dark undereye circles, you might want to choose a colour that is slightly darker than your natural eye colour. Blue or purple will work very well as this will brighten the dark eye circles.

When wearing colour, don’t overdo it. aiming for the natural look is always best.


Shades that enhance the undereye area will help to open your eyes. Bronze, earthy tones will help to bring life back to under eye dark circles.

Apply highlighter behind the lashes to be sure that it is reflected in the dark eye circle.


Properly shaped eyes don’t need too much eye make-up, otherwise it will make circles look like eyes.

Apply shadow from the centre of the eye to the outside corner, and back to the centre.

Lightly brush back the lighter shade under the centre part of the socket.

Don’t use black. Why not use itself, it looks just as good.


Avoid too much eye make-up, particularly false eyelashes as they can spoil the shape of your eyes.

Mascara is best for the more practised eye make-up user, the model in a photo shoot can always use mascara to make the eyelashes look perfect.

Pluck and curl eyelashes to the desired length.

If you need to go for hours without fail, eye shadow can be used.

Gather the eyelashes together as best as possible using the soft edges of the eyelashes for a nice frame.

Smudge the outer corners to soften the eyes.

Powder eye shadow to set the make-up.

Bring the majority of the colour up along the brow bone back towards the inside corner of the eye.

Use a thin brush to blend the colour back together.

Don’t use iridescent eye shadow, it will make your eyes look lying down.

Blend colour and shadow with an eye shadow tip.

Use a flat brush to blend eye shadow and then texture with a technique similar to that used for eyebrow waxing.

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