Facebook says it plans to remove posts with false vaccine claims.

Facebook said on Monday that it plans to remove posts with false claims about vaccines from its platform, including claims that vaccines cause autism, or that people are being subjected to Kovid-19 Are protected, so that they can receive vaccinations.

The social network has drastically changed its content policies over the past year as coronovirus has increased. In October, Social network prohibited The people and companies who bought the advertisement contained inaccurate or misleading information about the vaccines. In December, Facebook said This will remove the post with claims that were removed by the World Health Organization or government agencies.

Monday’s move moves forward by targeting unpaid posts to the site and specifically Facebook pages and groups. Instead of targeting only misinformation around Kovid vaccines, the update incorporates false claims around all vaccines. Facebook said it consulted with the World Health Organization and other major health institutions and set out a list of false or misleading claims surrounding Kovid.

In the past, Facebook had said that it would only “downcrank”, or push downward into people’s news feeds, misleading or false claims about vaccines, making it more difficult to find such groups or posts. . Now such lying posts, pages and groups will be completely removed from the platform.

“Building trust and confidence in these vaccines is important, so we are launching the largest worldwide campaign to encourage public health organizations to share accurate information about Kovid-19 vaccines and make vaccines available to people because Vaccines become available to them, ”Kang-Jing Jin, Head of Health on Facebook, said in a company blog post.

Facebook also said that it would give $ 120 million in advertising credits to ministries of health, NGOs and UN agencies to help disseminate reliable Kovid-19 vaccines and preventive health information. As vaccination centers are more widespread, Facebook said it would help people visit places where they could get the vaccine.

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been active against false information Coronavirus related. He frequently gave Facebook the nation’s top infectious disease expert, Dr. Facebook, to give live video updates on the American response to Kovid. Anthony Fauci is hosted. In his personal philanthropy, Mr. Zuckerberg has vowed to “erase all disease”, pledging billions to fight viruses and other diseases.

Yet Mr. Zuckerberg has been a staunch supporter of free speech on Facebook and was previously reluctant to rein in most lies, even though they were potentially dangerous. The exception has been Facebook’s policy not to tolerate statements that could cause “immediate, direct physical harm” to people on or off the platform.

President Donald J. on stage. Facebook has been criticized for that stance, including allowing Trump to stay After the January 6 riots in the US Capitol.

Over the years, public health advocates and outside critics have taken issue with Facebook’s refusal to remove false or misleading claims about the vaccine and leave anti-vaccination groups untouched. Because of which Increase in false vaccine information, Often from people or groups who spread other harmful misinformation on the site. Even when Facebook tried to update its policies, it often left flaws that were exploited by misinformation broadcasters.

Facebook said on Monday that it would also change its search tool to promote relevant, official results on information related to Kovid and the vaccine, while making it more difficult to find accounts that discouraged people from vaccinating.

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