Fact Check: Hank Aaron’s Death Was Not Related to Covid-19 Vaccine

On January 5, Hank Aaron, the legendary home run hitter, posted on Twitter that he was vaccinated for coronovirus at the Morehouse School of Medicine, along with other major civil rights figures in Atlanta that were 75 or more And were thus part of the highest priority group should be vaccinated.

“I hope you do the same!” She wrote.

Seventeen days later, Mr. Aaron Died at the age of 86.

Now, anti-vaccine activists, including Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a prominent vaccine skeptic involved, is seizing to suggest on his death – without evidence – that there could be a link.

“More pure coincidence,” was the founding dean of Morehouse Medical School in the George Lewis administration and Dr. Secretary of Health and Human Services. Countered Louis W. Sullivan, who was vaccinated with Mr. Aaron. He told Atlanta station WSB-TV, “However, if you can tell, Hank was in a car before he died that day, and we try to make sure he died in a car.”

The Fulton County medical examiner also said there was nothing to suggest that Mr. Aaron had a vaccine-related allergy or anaphylactic reaction.

Nevertheless, Mr. Aaron’s death is mired in misinformation and misinformation of the coronovirus and a vortex of society’s efforts to fight it. Doubts about the vaccine have emerged as one of the latest forms of resistance that health officials have faced during the epidemic, as critics have broken social-discrimination rules and dissolved into covering their faces with masks is.

Protesters force officers into Los Angeles Close the entrance to Dodger StadiumSaturday is one of the largest vaccination sites in the country for an hour. Around 50 protesters gathered there, holding some holding posters that said “99.96% Survival Rate” and “End Lockdown.”

Health officials say that so far, with Over 25 million doses administered in the United States, Two vaccines already authorized for use appear to be quite safe. There have been some serious allergic reactions, including anaphylaxis, but they are treatable and considered rare, and none of them have died. The rates at which anaphylaxis has occurred so far – five cases per million doses of vaccine by Pfizer and BioNotech, and 2.8 cases per million for the vaccine by Modern – are consistent with what happens to widely used vaccines.

In a meeting held on Wednesday by expert advisors from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, CDC’s Dr. Tom Shimbukuro said, “For everyone, the safety modalities of Kovid-19 vaccines are reassuring and consistent with those seen in preclinical diagnostics. Testing.”

He said the federal government had “implemented the most intensive and comprehensive vaccine safety surveillance program in history.”

Nevertheless, anti-vaccine activists have sought to undermine public confidence in the vaccine, with social media accounts of people dying using it being widely spread.

Polls have shown that public confidence in vaccines has generally solidified in recent months, but trust among African-Americans is lower than in other demographic groups, even though the virus with a punishable indignation in that community Be swept away.

This is why Morehouse School of Medicine gathered leading civil rights leaders such as Aaron and Andrew Young, former ambassadors of the United Nations, to vaccinate for example.

“They voted to preserve our rights,” said Valerie Montgomery Rice, dean and president of the medical school. “And now, they are rolling up their sleeves to save lives.”

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