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Box Cloud Storage Review

The main benefits of Box cloud storage include security, privacy, and remote file wiping. This service also offers social media sharing and file-sharing capabilities. Shared files can be easily shared with others by e-mail, social networks, or your Box Cloud workspace. You can assign tasks to other Box users remotely and follow their progress in real-time. You can post comments on items and receive smart notifications. This service is ideal for storing files for business purposes.

Box cloud storage

Box’s interface is modern and easy to use, and the user experience is simple and intuitive. You can pull up recent changes, create favorites, and set auto-delete dates. Although it’s more expensive than its competitors, it’s well worth the extra money for the features it provides. If you’re working with a large number of files, Box’s business plan might be the best option. It has a few limitations.

If you’re a business owner and need to store large amounts of data, Box is an excellent choice. Its team management tools allow you to manage who has access to your files. You can even see how many other users have used a certain file across the country. However, Box isn’t as user-friendly as its rivals, and depending on your needs, you’ll find it expensive. If you’re planning to store lots of data, Box is not the best option.

The UI of Box isn’t as good as that of other cloud storage providers. The UI is messy and doesn’t respect the Dark Mode OS setting. It’s confusing to navigate through the ten different folders. Fortunately, Box offers a business plan that includes more features and administrative controls for sharing files. Besides the business plans, the personal account offers 100GB of storage and ten file versions.

Signing up for Box is easy. It can be done with Google sign-up. There are many additional features to choose from, including a two-week trial. The price of the service is affordable and you can’t lose if you’re looking for a good deal. In addition to the free plan, there’s an individual package that costs a lot more. If you’re looking for the best option for your business, make sure to check out Box’s pricing first.

Security is another area in which Box excels. While it offers good security, the company doesn’t offer zero-knowledge encryption. All files uploaded to the cloud are encrypted and can’t be viewed by anyone without the right permissions. As a business, you can choose to restrict who can edit your files. You can also set a password policy. You can manage your security preferences with the help of security settings and passwords.

Our Verdict

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Box offers an array of options and tools for companies who want to make use of their cloud-based data. It’s brimming with third-party integrations as well as security features, but it’s not as popular with ordinary consumers, but all of it is reliable and well-designed.


  • Deep OS integration
  • Security at the top
  • Fantastic admin tools


  • Can get pricey
  • There are few consumer choices
  • Certain features overlap

TechRadar Verdict

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Free Cloud Storage And File Sharing 8

Box offers an array of options and tools for businesses that want to make use of their cloud-based data. It’s loaded with third-party integrations as well as security features, but it’s not the most appealing option for typical users, even though it’s solid and well-designed.


  • + Deep OS integration
  • + Security protection at the top
  • + Fantastic admin tools


  • – Can get pricey
  • • Limited consumer choices
  • Certain features may overlap

One of the pioneers within the cloud storage space, Box has been working hard at the syncing of files and storage long before it was the case that Apple and Microsoft were able to catch on. It’s loaded with tons of options and features and it’s available almost everywhere you’ll require it.

Different from the rest are the business plans which make Box however provide services to consumers as well. It focuses on syncing data within an individual folder, instead of backup of entire computers or hard drives. Here’s the full scoop on the matter.

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Boxes feature

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Utilizing this Dropbox method of cloud storage Box installs a particular location on the Windows or macOS PC, and ensures that all its content is up-to date with cloud storage with other devices that have Box installed. If you are looking for a way to backup everything in your computer using the OS, settings and everything you need, look elsewhere. Box is not the only option.

Like Dropbox, Box neatly integrates itself seamlessly with File Explorer on Windows or Finder on macOS. The Box folder is located alongside other important folders on your computer, and offers the option to download all your files downloaded to allow online access or keep them online and then transfer the files when required (a clever way to make the most of the space available on you local drive).

Sharing folders and files is a straightforward and easy task, regardless of whether you’re looking to work with others to work on something, or just to create a link that can be distributed to anyone who requires it. Companies can gain from this as Box is compatible with Office 365, Google Workspace, Adobe Creative Cloud as well as other software applications but it’s actually at the top of the spectrum that Box is most impressive.

In this regard that team management capabilities are the best in securing access to folders and files and folders, determining who collaborates on what, monitoring the usage of data and files across the entire country, and so on. If you’re a big company and require the management of cloud storage in a variety of manners, Box is easily one of the most effective options on the market, yet being conscious that for the rest of us the experience isn’t as effective. (Image credit: Future)

Box interface

The Box interface is simple and minimalist across all its apps however that’s not bad, since it’s certainly polished and user-friendly however we would prefer to have additional options and features at the in the front, instead of concealed behind menus. The sleekness of the software extends to mobile applications available for Android and iOS also, which allows you to access your files from any location. (Image credit: Future)

The box is truly integrated with the Windows as well as macOS operating systems. We aren’t able to give it more praise than this. One drawback to note is that there’s no means to limit bandwidth usage when you’re dealing with a large number of files you want to transfer. We found the process of syncing fast and responsive, but exactly as we would imagine given our connection to the internet. (Image credit: Future)

The user experience on the web is smooth and simple to navigate. Finding the most recent updates to your files is accomplished with ease such as, for instance, and making a list of your favorite areas within your Box folders. This can be done with just a click. Additionally, you can use the auto-delete feature that allows you to set the files and folders to disappear after a specified date (though you’re only able to access this feature if you’re on any of their paid-for subscriptions).

Furthermore, Box interfaces well with third-party plug-ins and apps as well, seamlessly merging into the background, and feeling like a standard feature and not an extension. In many cases, there’s not a Box interface this could be a plus or negative for the service, depending on the perspective you take. When taken as a whole the time that Box has been forced to improve its software offerings is evident.

Security of the box

The box is very serious about security and offers AES 256-bit encryption that is standard. If you require complete encryption (so it’s unlikely that Box is able to access your data in the event of an emergency) you can get it as an additional feature. 2FA or two-factor verification ( 2FA) is available as well that adds a security layer to your account, even if someone happens to get your password and username.

Every upload, login, as well as a Box app installation, is recorded and tracked in the Box Admin console. With the addition of the complete Administration console, you can get more powerful auditing and control options. When a folder or file is accessed, you’ll be notified via email (so that, for instance, if someone claims to have reviewed your report, you’ll be aware that they’re not true). In addition, a variety of tools for compliance and regulation are available as well which makes for reliable and secure service. (Image credit: Box)

Box pricing

There’s a wide selection of plans available from Box’s plans that are paid for to select from. It even offers a free tier in the event that you can come up having 10GB cloud storage and a limit on the file size of 250MB. You can upgrade into a Personal Pro plan at a cost of just $10/month for the PS7 with the annual discount and then it will increase to 100GB of cloud storage, with an unlimited file size limit of 5GB. But, when compared to other plans, it’s not very appealing when you take into account the storage options available from Apple, Microsoft, Google, and Dropbox offer at a lower cost.

The business plans cost $7/month per month for Starter (100GB in storage) 20/PS14 per month user to business (unlimited storage) and $33/PS23 for each monthly user per month for Business Plus (unlimited storage) and $47/PS33 per monthly user for Enterprise (unlimited storage). These deals offer more in terms of value (you will save more money if they plan is paid annually) and 14-day free-trials are offered across the three plans, but remember that they’re only available to at least three users.

Final decision

Box certainly has a product that is tailored to the needs of businesses although it has a range of plans for customers too. It’s loaded with collaboration tools, compliance with data, and automation, and has a variety of APIs to choose from in the event you require something custom. With one of the most expensive plans, which comes with unlimited storage space and helpful tools, it’s a great overall package.

If you are looking to maximize every dime, that money can be better spent elsewhere. Box’s applications aren’t as user-friendly as provided by its competitors, however, and the price can vary according to what you require. Although it’s an excellent choice to store your data in the cloud and for synchronization, it’s not an ideal choice for everyone.

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