Got a Pandemic Puppy? Learn How to Prevent Dog Bites

Injuries requiring hospitalization and surgical repair are the most serious injuries, such as toddlers being cut on the face and neck, where many critical structures can be damaged, including the eye and ear, as well as catastrophic. Cosmetic damage can also occur. But hand injuries can also have a very lasting effect and require specialist repair.

For the prevention of dog bites, Drs. “The No. 1 strategy remains supervision,” Dixon said. Children should learn to leave dogs alone while eating food, when they are sleeping with a favorite toy, while they are taking care of their puppies. They should not reach unfamiliar dogs. And dog owners should keep their dogs healthy and From a young age they should be socialized and trained.

“It is important that we take responsibility for our animals,” said Ms. Goff, who has a dog named Daisy that she brings with her to the office. “Most dogs don’t bite to attack, they bite because they are afraid or provoked.”

Ms. Goff also emphasized that anyone who owns a dog should have insurance coverage, from a liability standpoint. In her state, Connecticut, a strict liability state, “I don’t need to prove that anyone was at fault,” she said, and the dog owners are responsible for the loss. “If you can raise a dog, you can afford insurance,” she said.

She said that it is important that dog bites are reported due to the need to keep an eye on many dogs biting dogs, but reassure those who were Worried that a dog might perish At least in Connecticut, unless there is a catastrophic or fatal injury, “our apology about animals is very heavy.”

When dogs show aggressive behavior, Drs. Owners should seek the help of a veterinarian or “a behavioral expert in dog aggression – ideally before something bad happens,” Dixon said.

Professor of Pediatrics and Public Health at the University of Miami, Drs. Judy Schechter said that given the increase in puppy purchases during the Kovid epidemic, “We are now a year into this; Puppies can be big, strong dogs at this point. “And many parents work from home with their children’s school issues, making it difficult for them to monitor all children (and pets) at all times.

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