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The film “Groundhog Day” appeared in 1993, but it seems like we are already watching it. The story of a smug Weatherman (Bill Murray) who is stuck repeating the same day remains popular and inspired by countless films and shows. (The latest, romantic comedy “The Map of Tiny Perfect Things” debut on Amazon Prime Video).

“Groundhog Day” was not the first of its kind, but it was a particularly clever and emotionally resonating twist on the time-loop plot, with a protagonist who eventually sees his situation as an opportunity for self-improvement. is. The best time-loop films since then – such as the five depicted below – are equally heartwarming and original.

In this rocket-propelled science-fiction mystery, the Time Loop includes a frantic eight-minute journey in which a commuter train exploded. Jake Gyllenhaal plays the role of an army pilot, whose consciousness returns to the moments before the bombing where he is assigned by his shadowy superiors to find out who is responsible. The director, Duncan Jones, and screenwriter, Ben Ripley, do so much with little time on the train, creating a miniature world for the protagonist to investigate and appreciate. Stream it show time; Rent or buy it Amazon head, Apple TV+, Google play, Vudu or Youtube.

Also known as “Live Die Repeat”, this techno-thriller stars Tom Cruise as a military bureaucrat known as William Cage, who was forced to join the fight against foreign alien invaders . Like a novice playing video games, Cage keeps dying, often in a stupid way. But each death sends him back in time to train with a hard-boiled soldier (Emily Blunt) before starting the fight. Cage’s serial mortality serves as a deeply comic commentary on the action-movie characters’ incompetence. Still he gets ahead in the mission, more realistically tense and even trying to survive to see her on the move. Rent or buy it Amazon head, Apple TV, Google play, Vudu or Youtube.

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Loop in “The Final Girls” is a 1980s slasher film called “Camp Bloodbath” starring the late mother of a woman named Max (Taisa Farmiga). When Max and his friends find themselves trapped in “Camp Bloodbath” – the scene resumes whenever they try to escape – they use their knowledge of the plot to try to credit it We do. Unlike most time-loop films, the protagonists here do not bear a portion of racelets. Instead, his awareness of the horror cliché helps him catch up, while Max spends an emotional day in which a character is played by his mother. Stream it Hulu; Rent or buy it Amazon head, Apple TV, Google play, Vudu or Youtube.

“Groundhog Day” meets “Scream” in this raucous horror-comedy, in which Jessica weeps as a drunken college kid tree who gets murdered by a masked man. Each time she reads, she gets closer to finding out the killer’s identity. But as is often the case in these films, to stop the slaughter, Tree must first find out why his life is messed up. Equally loaded with slaps and splatter, “Happy Death Day” is one of Jungle’s entries in this strange shoestring, but it’s ultimately only as poignant. Stream it Fx now; Rent or buy it Amazon head, Apple TV, Google play, Vudu or Youtube.

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The most recent “Groundhog Day” riffs are also one of the funniest, cutest and smartest. The story begins in the middle, skipping over a low-ambition dull named Nyles (Andy Samberg) after living through the same marriage hundreds of times. When Nayles accidentally drags Sarah (Kristin Miliotti), the bride’s restless sister, she shows him how to enjoy living without consequences – until she realizes that, she’s worthless. “Palm Springs” allows viewers to enjoy the decisive imagination of its time-loop story, even as the characters within it re-assume their personal values. Stream it Hulu.

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