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Rosna Fugate described her unbreakable relationship with Jackie Chang as a “learning journey”.

“Let’s start with the fact that according to my information, Jackie was 100 percent straight when we met,” said Ms. Fugate, 34, the chief operating officer of Thessaly and Spire, an online lingerie brand in New York.

“Despite the increasing frequency of our executions,” Ms. Fugate said, “I considered our relationship to be purely platonic.”

Ms. Chang, 35, a senior director at NBCUniversal in New York, met Ms. Fugate in September 2015 when the two were in their second year of the MBA program at Harvard.

They enjoyed each other’s company, but the prospect of a budding romance seemed to Ms. Chang to be longer than the haunted nights, which threw and twisted thinking of ways to get back to Ms. Fugate’s class. .

“Talking with Rosanna came naturally to me, she was a breath of fresh air,” said Ms. Chang, who graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point before serving seven years in the military as captain. Had achieved the post of (She was last stationed at Fort Campbell, Ky.)

Wanting an excuse to share her feelings with Ms. Fugate, Ms. Chang asked her opinion on a magazine entry assignment for a leadership development class in which they were both nominated.

“It’s tough verbally, but when you feel it, you know it,” Ms. Chang said. “Every time I spoke with him, I knew him again and again.”

In her magazine entry, Ms. Chang confessed that she had feelings for someone but was not sure if she would share those feelings.

“Jackie trusted me,” Ms Fugate said. “I challenged her to share what she would have to lose by sharing her feelings and to point out that it was clearly in her mind for a reason, I offered her the role, which made that conversation Will see. “

A week later, Ms. Chang visited Ms. Fugate’s apartment and asked if she could read her next magazine entry for Ms. Fugate.

Ms. Fugate listened closely and soon realized that she was the person for whom Ms. Chang had feelings.

“I quickly dismissed her as a confused girl with unintentional and inaccurate feelings,” Ms Fugate said. “He immediately reassured me that he had never dated a woman before, his feelings were very deliberate.”

After finishing it, Ms. Fugate decided to give Ms. Chang a chance.

“Jackie was very real, what you see is what you get with her, and she was someone I could trust,” Ms Fugate said. “Most importantly, I could imagine a future with her, so I decided to take the leap, and we have been together ever since.”

Soon after receiving an MBA after both, Ms. Fugate worked with Samsung in Seoul, while Ms. Chang worked in Philadelphia with Comcast NBCUniversal, based on the East Coast. In 2018, their long-distance relationship was sparked on two fronts. Ms. Fugate took another job, this one with Tesla in Fremont, California, and Ms. Chang left for her mother.

“Jackie’s mother was very supportive and soon accepted me as Jackie’s girlfriend.”

The couple were married on March 13 at a resort Vinion Farm in Morris, Conn. The Rev. Daniel Rodriguez Scholf, a Baptist minister, official and only other persons were present.

“It’s quite a journey,” Ms. Fugate said. “We had to manage long distance as well as self-identification between us for four years.

“All the time,” he said, “we needed to make sure we were growing up together, and not separate.”

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