Hair Care Tips to keep your hair good and healthy

Hair Care Tips
Hair Care Tips

Hair Care Tips to keep your hair good and healthy

There are different perceptions about having perfectly straight hair. Some people believe it shows professionalism; some believe their beauty lies in having well combed perfect straight hair. Having straight hair in your regular routine is not the as simple situation as it sounds. Though using best conditioners, hair serum and hair spray the damage done to natural hair is worse and would be seen after ages.  This happens by using a straightener with very high heat temperatures every day. How to straighten hair without such damage naturally?

Hair Care Tips
Hair Care Tips

Using Heater

Many are guilty of heating their hair most of the times. Now, it is an absolutely better era where people came to know the effects and are looking forward to natural methods. People have many questions on how to straighten hair, without tablets, chemicals or all the complicated harmful things, straightening hair every day lessens the hair damage and possibly helps in hair nourishment up to a large extent. There have been many observations by top hair stylists, and they observed how effective natural remedies can work, and many encourage them for everyday lifestyle who don’t have any compulsion in their workspace.

Below are a few adaptable things on how to straighten hair naturally, which can be done in any household with little effort.

Hair masks:

Probably, most of the items found in the kitchen can be used as a hair mask. While applying a hair mask, split the hair into parts and apply it slowly to not curl around the particular strands. After a few weeks of regular usage of about 2 or 3 times per week, hair becomes much straighter and less frizzy. The key point about using hair masks is patience. The more patiently the hair mask is applied, the better.

Some highly effective hair masks on how to straighten hair at home, which can sometimes be combined according to their own convenience or preference.

a) Coconut milk, honey, egg, rice flour: A straightforward combination is 1 cup coconut milk and 1 tablespoon honey. Milk contains protein and helps in the nourishment of hair. It can be combined with 1 egg and 1 cup of milk. Rice flour shows miraculous results when it is combined with coconut milk, honey and olive oil; the results are long-lasting.

b) Hot oil: Hot oil is heating the combination of different kinds of oils like coconut oil, olive oil, castor oil, jojoba oil. Massaging the warm oil on hair and scalp with fingertips for 10 minutes and leave it on for 30 min. Use shampoo and mild conditioner, gently avoiding hair knots to get straighter hair.

c) Banana, celery, apple cider vinegar: These can be made as a paste. This combination needs to be applied for 30 to 40 minutes.

Brush wet hair consistently: Split hair into parts and take each section to comb. Comb your hair until it dries. Doing this under a fan is a faster process.

Roll Parts of hair:

Take large sections of hair and use big rolls to roll on your hair. Keep this overnight after shampooing your hair to get naturally perfect straight hair by morning.

Twist hair into a bun:

Divide the whole hair into two sections and twist each part into a bun. Sleep on it for an entire night. For curly hair, there sure would be wavy hair by morning.

Wrapping hair tightly overnight:

This is one of the best ways to get natural straight hair perfectly. Here, take sections of hair separately. Then go around the head wrapping each part of hair like a turban looking style, where strands from the left side have their ends to the right and strand from right hand end up their terms to the left. Make sure to do this process slowly and steadily. The straighter the hair is put, the better. By morning the hair looks as perfect as straightening it with a straightener. Use bobby pins to hold the hair together and cover the whole head with a silk scarf to avoid the frizzy strands coming out.

Above are some basic things which can be done not only for perfectly straight hair but also to nourish hair growth and get silky smooth hair. Most of the times, when beauty is maintained regularly in a natural process, having a little makeover doesn’t harm as much as everyone. This way, everyone gets to be beautiful being themselves.

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