Handbag Care and Maintenance – Making Your Investment Last

Handbag Care and Maintenance – Making Your Investment Last

You’ve shelled out the big bucks to get the fabulous leather handbag. If you’ve been shopping smart, you’ve bought a classic looking bag that should stand the test of time. In fact, there isn’t any reason you shouldn’t be able to pass down your handbags to your children, provide they are well cared for.

But let’s be real, that’s not likely to happen. Your next vacation isn’t going to come as a surprise annual trip to the beach, and neither is your third successive trip on a big night out. Because these vacation events aren’t likely to occur often, it’s likely that your handbag will be with you for quite a few years, which means constant usage, and potentially the beginnings of hole foot.

Handbag Care and Maintenance
Handbag Care and Maintenance

Portable chefs don’t carry a lot of items, just a chef chef hat and perhaps a kitchen empire with some good looking protective clothing. The weight of a non-essential travel item would likely be a considerable factor in keeping it up. I tend to carry a large leather carrying case with an all in one pocket to keep clothes, shoes and other items in one place. My travel wardrobe consists primarily of outfits.


It is a travel wardrobe because it is designed to fit in most any size luggage with a few modifications to keep it light. Whilst smaller ‘skinny’ bags are great for carrying essential items, it really would be a luxury or large four seater cabin bag for a weekend away. So the ‘hole foot’ rule applies not only to those on the trip but also for anyone who might buy one of the many fabulous handmade traveling totes around to peruse at the various shops to find your own bag. These incorporate many designs from artist individual to the absolutely fantastic hand painted alternatives which can also be used as a perfect holiday or weekend bag.

One obvious issue that you may have with some of the materials used is how washable they are. At home, most of us have no need to wash our clothing, but on the plane, those garments need to be cleaned as per the airline standards. Those who are ‘with it’ or don’t mind a little bit of attention to preserve it normally use handbags with synthetic or lanolin based products which not only clean the garment without permeating, but provide the quality of split leather that is so much sought after these days.

Handbag Care and Maintenance

So throw away the old ragbag you’ve been using to carry things for years; your handbag needs a new lease of life. However, if you’ve been preserving it for years on end, or it’s been out in the elements and the handle bent or broke hardware has left you with no choice but to seek a new home for your beloved item, there are now several companies which provide wooden or metal handles to suit your handbag to your manner.

All the latest travel gear, from lightweight suitcases to the latest in surfing gear, now comes with several expandable and adjustable ‘section wings’ that can be removed from sections of the bag to convert a compact bag into a comfortable ‘ onboard expandable’ luxury item. Almost every travel item now comes with built in secure inner zippered secure pocket a that utilizes a combination of Velcro and zipper to secure things inside.

All the latest style of handbags now has a front pocket that can be easily used for cash or business cards and there are several things that need to be kept secure in a secure location. Along with using the inside pockets for smaller things, this area can take on the form of a divider between the main body of the bag and personal items. Several Front Pockets freqially act as containers to classify things by their type (for example a ‘color co-ordiant’ or a color swatch), size, label and so on.

They also contain an inside pocket, obviously for two reasons:

There are usually lots of pens, driver’s license and credit cards and many other small things that might be lost or put away; so you need an inside pocket to store them. It’s also useful to keep things organized when you get on the plane, such as phones, cosmetic bags, business cards, scarves and the like.

Besides having pockets for your own things, they’re are completely symmetrical and contain no visible gaps. The designer shapes, like shells and squares are clearly seen from the outside world, however, you will certainly find them eloquent and slender in the corners and at the ends.

One of the biggest benefits of the inside pockets is that they are easily accessible to you, when one of you needs to find something in an emergency. The obvious worry when one of them is gone is what you are going to do with the ungainly and need to make it appear it isn’t as you last minute. The inside pockets are small and they will efficiently organize your things without disappointing you in any way.

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