Happy Makar Sankranti Share Your Wishes, Pictures, GIFs, And Captions, Happy Makar Sankranti. Share Your Wishes, Images, Gifs, And Captions.

Makar Sankranti It is one of the famous festivals in India. Usually, the festival is on January 14 and it falls on January 15 for leap years. Sankranti It is celebrated and worshiped by the Hindu god Surya (the sun) to enhance the harvest season with new crops for the following year. It is celebrated by different names in various parts of the country and also in other countries such as Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Singapore, Malaysia, etc.

Sankranti literally means the transition of the sun in the geographic location of Capricorn and it moves north. People wish the sun god good luck, health and prosperity. It is celebrated in a variety of forms, depending on cultural and ethos values, such as sharing sweets, sharing crops, colorful decorations, flying kites, bonfires, and feasting.

Various names of Sancranti across the country

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